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LARS Promotions Event featuring GLOO with Sweet Jonny and Second In Line.

Well, another Friday night, this time a very wet one down at The Crown in Littlehampton for the guys at LARS Promotions, but the show must go on right? And go on it did!

This month the LARS crew presented us with a Punk a Palooza, 3 awesome punk acts to get us all rocking out.

First up we had Second In Line.

This Southampton/Newbury based 4 piece band describe themselves as "Melodic skate punk with a healthy dose of movie related fun." and when you listen to their set you can see where the movie part comes into play.

Kicking off their set with a fast paced riot of a number about Ferris Bueller having a nice day off, "Bueller" totally set the bar for the rest of the guys energetic set.

Another good track to listen out for is "Clark"

The guys came up with this one whilst doing their 1 track a month series.

With it's toe tapping back beat, raw vocals and chunky guitar riffs, you cant help but move to this one.

The whole set was fun, fast, energetic and fantastic. The guys even manage to pull off what they call "Triple Threat" which is 3 songs.... In under a minute! Definitely needs to be heard to believe it.

Next up we had Sweet Jonny.

These guys are based in Burgess Hill and describe themselves as "A gutter garage rock band from a do-nothing town. Your new nightmare neighbours." honestly can't say I would mind being their neighbour going by the epic set they played .

Since we last saw the guys here, they've gone through a bit of a line up change and now have a new bassist and guitarist and are sounding better than ever.

Kicking of their set with a funky, get up and join in track, "Bois", the guys showed their energy and gripped the crowds attention straight away.

The track "Crack Of The Whip" the band have got a music video out for, which absolutely matches the gritty, down and dirty feel of the track itself (check it out over on the bands Facebook page!). There's a slight rock 'a' billy sound to this one, along with a heavy bass beat, fast paced guitar solos and powerful vocals.

The set was filled with energy, the guys gave it their all on stage and were relentless in rocking us out. Definitely ones to catch live if you can.

And headlining the event we had Littlehampton's very own GLOO.

This 3 piece band with our local lads are hard hitting, fast paced and rock/punk with a gritty raw edge to them.

Launching straight into their set with their track "I'm A Mess" the guys commanded everyone's attention with this catchy, energy filled, gritty one.

"Standerby" is one of their newer tracks. It's got a punchy bass riff, thumping back beat and catchy lyrics with raw, passionate vocals that you cant help but join in on the chorus.

Another new one of theirs, which the band also released their own YouTube video for, is "Drama Queen". This one's got quite a melodic sound to it as well as being a hard hitting, gritty track. Catchy hooks to it and a driving rhythm ensure you'll be singing this one all the way home.

The guys energy on stage was immense, despite a couple of broken guitar strings and guitar changes the whole set flowed effortlessly and you could see the band have a lot of fun with it as well.

So after we had been thoroughly rocked by the epic sets from all these acts we kicked back to some Metal Meyhem Radio tunes to finish off the night.

Thanks to LARS Promotions for another fabulous Punk-A-Palooza event,

Thanks to The Crown for hosting,

Thanks to Crimson Craft Audio for equipment hire,

Massive Thanks to all the bands for their amazing performances,

And lastly Thanks to Metal Meyhem Radio for allowing me to chat with these amazing people and write this show report.

Keep Rockin',


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