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DOUBLE FEATURE LARS Promotions Presents: Aren Drift with Glove and supports.

DOUBLE FEATURE LARS Promotions Presents: Aren Drift and Glove with Graces Collide, Grenades, The SLM and Doctor Gonzo.

Hello friends! Well firstly apologies for being quiet for a while, it's been a very busy time! That's why this show report will be a double feature from Septembers and Octobers LARS Promotions Events!

So back in September The LARS crew gave us a rocking event, and it was a little bit special for me as it was my baby brothers 18th birthday celebration ( feeling old now!)

First to take the stage were Grenades.

The band describe themselves as

"twisting pop music into a visceral frenzy, they pummel the audience with a combination of hooks and raw intensity, draped around themes of equality, submission, domination, sex, death, religion and self loathing."

Kicking the set off with their title track from their debut album "Primate" they quickly had the attention of the crowd.

It's a fast paced , pounding rhythm track. Punchy vocals have a punk feel to them whilst the heavy riffs and pounding back beat have you moving your feet to the groove.

Their whole set was filled with punchy numbers and punky vibes, the crowd definitely weren't still! Absolutely a band to catch live if you can.

Describing themselves as a

"powerful melodic riff laden rock monster hailing from the heart of Brighton"

From the opening of their set to the last track its easy to see why.

Opening their set with some haunting backing music, it quickly grabbed the attention of the crowd and set the tone before launching into the track "Find Our Way" .

A hard hitting, chunky riff, anthemic tune, "Find Our Way" will have you singing along with the band to the chorus whilst rocking out.

"Makes Me Scream" is a driving rhythm, melodic track. The rocking vibes and soulful vocals get the crowd tapping their feet and banging their heads for the whole track, definitely a crowd pleaser.

The bands set is definitely one to catch live, they put on one hell of a show but have fun with it as well. I personally cannot wait for their new album to be released next year.

Headlining the September event were Aren Drift.

This band is female fronted and describe themselves as using a

"mix of classic rock with international influences and heavy melodic riffs."

Beginning their set with their haunting version of "In A House, In A Heartbeat" they soon launched into the track "Light Hole".

The track has haunting sound to it with a funky bass beat and sweeping guitars. You really get a feel of the international influences with Radka's passionate vocals on this track.

The track "Delirious" starts off with gentle melodic guitar sounds and soulful vocals before kicking into a punchy back beat and heavy riffs. The vocals take on a raw gritty tone whilst still remaining passionate as ever over the heavier riffs as well. A great track to rock out too.

The whole set was truly an epic performance, reaching out to the crowd and drawing them in, surrounding them with haunting riffs and rocking tunes. Highly recommend seeing these guys live!

So that was the September event, The LARS Promotions crew did an absolutely amazing job putting this event on and all the bands gave us some blinding performances.

Onto the October event...

So once again on a chilly Friday night the LARS Promotions team had some more amazing bands on the bill for Punk-A-Palooza IV.

First up we had Doctor Gonzo.

The band describe themselves as a

"four piece ska-punk band from the Brighton area"

Kicking off their set with a fast paced, punchy number called "Poisonous" the band exploded onto the stage with a relentless energy. The track had some melodic riffs as well as catchy lyrics and a that punchy beat that got you moving your feet.

The whole set was filled with catchy, bouncy, punky vibes and the bands energy was definitely high octane. Their performance flowed effortlessly and they absolutely got the crowd bouncing and dancing along with them. Get down and see them live if they are playing near you.

Up next were The SLM.

They describe themselves as

"3 dudes who like playing fast songs about zombies, and zombie sharks and TMNT and such like."

Warming up the set with some hard hitting riffs and a tune named "NoFx Green Corn", the guys then launched straight into the track "Off At The Wrist" A heavy, high energy, doomy track. Screaming guitars, and fast beats this was a short explosion of a track

With lots of fast paced, dynamic songs about dinosaurs filling the set, the guys then went into a track called "Terror Of The Shredder".

As the name suggests... It's to do with TMNT and it's a fast, shredding number with a little funky bass bit in the middle (You may recognise the little cover bit from the cartoon). Definitely a moshing track!

The whole set was bursting with high octane, hard hitting tracks and how the guys on stage kept up the pace and managed to still have some fun I have no idea but it was fantastic. An amazing performance to watch and listen too.

Headlining the event were Littlehampton's very own Glove.

They describe themselves as

"a grunge/rock/punk kinda sound with a lot of energy behind it"

Starting off their set was the track "Too Far Away". A pounding, heavy riff filled track with melodic vocals and a driving back beat.

"Out Of My Mind" is a slower paced track with a chunky, rhythmic bass beat. The raw gritty vocals and guitar riffs give it a slightly haunted feel, that works well with the theme of the song itself.

Their set was filled with passionate and full of meaning tracks.

The guys on stage showed a real passion for their music and closeness as a band , the tracks flowed effortlessly and their energy was relentless. If they're playing near you, check them out!

So once both events had come to an end, Metal Meyhem's tunes rounded out the evening for us. An amazing couple of months of events.

Thanks to L.A.R.S Promotions for these fantastic events,

Thanks to The Crown for hosting,

Thanks to Crimson Craft Audio for equipment hire,

Massive Thanks to all the bands for their awesome sets,

And lastly Thanks to Metal Meyhem Radio for giving me this opportunity to chat with these amazing bands and to write this blog.

Keep Rockin'


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