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LARS Promotions Presents The Hellfire Club with The Rattlebacks and Lithium.

A lovely warm sunny eve greeted us at this months LARS Promotions Live Event, I say warm.... It was HOT!

Especially once the crowd gathered in The Crown to see what the LARS Promotions guys had in store us.

And what a line up it was!

First to take to the stage was Lithium.

These guys describe themselves as "playing Rock music how it should be. With a set of all original solid rock songs that will have you tapping your feet nodding your heads and having a great time"

Launching into their set with a hard hitting rock track called 'Voices' The guys had the crowd paying attention.

With a heavy guitar riff and thumping back beat, vocals that remind you a little of classic rock legends like Metallica this track was definitely Rockin' with a capital R.

The rest of their set was filled with energetic tunes, awesome solos and a driving rhythm, you couldn't help but rock out to these guys. On stage these guys have a real professional vibe to them, helping them to have a tight sound and flow effortlessly between tracks. Definitely a band to catch live if they're playing near you.

Next up we had The Rattlebacks.

These guys describe themselves as a "5 Piece New Generation Hard Rock based in Surrey/West Sussex"

Kicking off their set with some eerie sounds and a huge drop of bass the guys exploded into their first track 'Backdrop'.

This high octane, pounding track really showed the passion that these guys have for their music. With some screaming guitar riffs, heavy bass and powerful vocals, It was a perfect track to open the set with.

Another track I enjoyed was 'Amon'. This is a slightly slower paced track.. slightly as there's still some fast paced epic guitar work going on, but it has a darker/griity vibe to it. The groovy beat and passionate vocals definitely have you moving along with the band and shaking to the groove.

Following into the dirty blues style 'Burn It Down' track, It's easy to see why these guys have gathered quite a following. Their performance on stage has an unrelenting energy and full on sound, chunky riffs and hard hitting tracks. It was such a blast! I highly recommend seeing these guys live.

Headlining the night we had The Hellfire Club

These guys describe themselves as "Ballsy Rock from the heart of Brighton" and "A hard hitting three piece, these guys are about the live shows, "We wanna inject some of what's been missing back into real Rock".

Kicking off their set with a scream and a funky beat, the track 'Making Ground' had everyone's toes tapping.

The powerful vocals and heavy guitar riffs along with the funky bass beat and driving rhythm really made for a great opening set, and it was great to see the front man back on the bass as well after a bit of accident rendering him unable to play.

Another of their tracks 'When Fools Become Kings' has you letting your hair down. With a bit of an anthemic style chorus it's one you can scream along to. The chunky guitar riffs and punchy back beat really make this track what I call a driving track, put your peddle to metal and go!

Treating us to a cover of Gun 'N' Roses 'Don't Damn Me' as well, the band then finished off their rockin' set with a hard hitting, heavy riffage track referred to as 'Luck Is For Steve' ( actual name is 'Luck Is For Thieves' ). This track has you jumping with the band, singing along to the catchy lyrics. With some epic guitar solos and thumping beats this was definitely a fantastic tune to round off the evening. This is definitely a band you want to catch live!

And then it was all over. After having our socks completely rocked off we kicked back to some tunes with Metal Meyhem Radio to cool down , believe me it was warm!

Thanks to LARS Promotions for another amazing event,

Thanks to The Crown for hosting,

Thanks to Crimson Craft Audio for equipment hire,

Massive Thanks to all the bands for their awesome sets,

And lastly Thanks to Metal Meyhem Radio for giving me this opportunity to chat with these amazing bands and to write this blog.

Keep Rockin'


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