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News Of The Week - April 2nd 2018

Catch up with all that's been happening over the last week.

The last week has been a pretty busy week for our original music scene. Last week we have seen 2 New Video releases, a New EP, a New Live Album, a Debut Single and announcements aplenty. Check out all the exciting news from last week below:

A couple of weeks ago the guys at GLOO released their new single 'Act My Age'. This week saw the release of the accompanying video ahead of their live performance on BBC Introducing South. The guys were stoked at being asked to perform live and they even had the new track aired prior to their performance. Watch and listen to 'Act My Age' Below:

The single is available to buy onling at:

Last week saw Graces collide back in the studio. They announced on Facebook that they were back in the studio laying down the tracks for their forthcoming album. The first two days concentrated on the drum beats with day three being the start of the base. We look forward to hearing the new album when it comes out!

Negative Measures have just released their new EP 'The Waste of Time Continuum.' The band celebrated the launch with a party at the Quadrant in Brighton supported by Operation Kino and Fast Fade.

Album Cover of Negative Measures new EP: The Waste of Time Continuum

The EP features the sound we have come to love from Negative Measures, but professionally produced on this fantastic new EP. If you dont believe me, check out the EP below:

Yesterday saw Icarus falls begin work on their next music video. The video is being filmed in a garage for an 'industrial style video shoot'. With the new track playing in the background the guys gave us a behind the scenes look at the location, and a secret for hiding erect nipples too. Watch the video here.

Another new music video for you guys now. A couple of weeks ago we reported the release of Pretty Little Enemy's video for 'Play By The Rules'. (View it here)

Well, as an Easter treat the guys and girls at PLE decided to release another video, this time for their song 'Play by the Rules'. In it, the band are showing us what they've got in the fitness department with their work-out video style performance. Event the guys at the back seem to be enjoying themselves, actually maybe a little to much. Check it out below:

This last week was a big one for Sweet Jonny. Not only have they recently released a new website and taken their first steps into the world of Instagram, they have also released a new live CD: 'Live, Limited and Lost' for everyone to listen to some of their live performances. But Wait... There's more.

To compliment the release of the new C.D., Sweet Jonny have also released some new t-shirts too, these guys have been really busy! Check out their new site for more information and a few spinets of their upcoming tracks at:

Long anticipated, Tales of Autumn yesterday releases their debut single 'Worthless'. Quickly taking audiences by storm after their recent formation, the track starts out with a slow, dark, moody feeling, before erupting into the epic sounds and powerful vocals we have come to love hearing at their live performances.

The track is amazingly structured, and is brilliantly recorded and produced. This track does not disappoint and could easily be confused with any song from the experienced and long standing artists. Check it out below:

Well that brings us to the end of the weeks announcements. With all this happening in one week, I'm sure we will all still be blown away this time next week.

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