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NEWS OF THE YEAR: A News Special Part 1

Part 1 of a special news series about all that has happened over the last year of lockdowns.

After a much noticeable absence, News of the Week is back, and we are kicking off with a post-lockdown 3-part special. This series will look at some of the announcements you may have missed during the Covid-19 Pandemic, and a look back at just some of the things you might have missed. So plug in the guitars and check the mics, this is going to be loud!

This series features acts that have played at our events through the years, and in this part, we bring you news of the following acts:

Across the Sea, Agitated, Aren Drift, Ariandelle, Bleed Again, Cyanide Sundae, Derelict Dream, Doctor Gonzo, Failed Psychics, Gloo, Glove, Gold Phoenix, and Graces Collide.

So, where do we begin? Well, back when the country was in tiers I took a trip over to Brighton. While having a browse around HMV I came across an album by a band that is very familiar to us here at LARS Promotions; Across the Sea.

This duo graced the LARS Promotions Stages back in May 2019 and showcased their lovely mix of ethereal vocals and haunting melodies. They have had a very busy last couple of months, and in the last week, they have been making some big announcements.

Firstly they have been working on a brand new album titled The Wayfarer Triptych. This new concept album is described as being a:

'stirring tale of drama, adventure and mystery, as a girl, inspired by her discovery of an extraordinary and beguiling triptych painting, embarks on an epic journey through the remains of a broken world, in search of hope, purpose, and a forgotten truth.'

Just from that description alone, we can not wait to hear it. The album is available to pre-order through their bandcamp and by pre-ordering it, you also get instant access to the album upon its release on October 1st.

The announcement was accompanied by a 50-second sample of what we can only assume has been taken from the lead track of the album 'Nightfall in the Labyrinth'. For those of you that cannot wait for the album release, 'Nightfall in the Labyrinth' is scheduled to be released as a single on the 6th of August, so not too long to wait! Check out the clip from the announcement below.

If that wasn't enough, there was even more announced from these guys. To complement the album being released, Across the Sea will be doing a very special album launch show over at Worthing's Bar 42. Not only do you get to hear the album live, just a day after its release, but this will be the only time that Across the Sea will be playing the album in order and in full, truly a unique gig. The event starts at 19:30 on Saturday, October 2nd with support from Song Box Band. For full details check out Across the Sea's Facebook page.


July 2017 saw this young up-and-coming band hit our stages. They were full of passion and potential and really got the crowd going. Since then, the band has been growing and enhancing their sounds, and back in January, announced their Debut EP: Strangeways was out and available to stream or buy through all the major platforms. Listen to the title track from the EP below:


Aren Drift is a band that has always been close to our hearts here at LARS Promotions. We have seen this band grow over the last few years and change as well. Back in May 2020, it was confirmed that Aren Drift were to play Planet Rockstock Festival in the December of that year. Not only were they playing one of their awesome sets, but they were also scheduled for an acoustic set too. Sadly due to the pandemic, this show was canceled, however, the places are still held, and Aren Drift will be appearing, with both sets, on the 2021 lineup at Tampa Bay on the 11th and 12th of November. We would normally suggest you get tickets quick, but sadly they have already sold out, however, we wish the band the greatest of luck for these shows.

Sadly it was not all good news, for Aren Drift as on the 22nd of June, one of the band's founding members, Matt Plumley, decided to step away from Aren Drift to have a break from gigging and the world of live music. Matt's last gig with the band will be on September 3rd at Bar 42 in Worthing, so pop down and join us in wishing him all the best for his future projects.

As you can imagine, Matt's leaving did create a hole in the lineup, and like everyone else, we were waiting with bated breath to see who it was. On the 23rd of July, we found out...

For those of you thinking you recognize the new addition, it is none other than Stephan Karantonis formally the guitarist and lead singer for, the now sadly disbanded, Tales of Autumn. Stephan regularly appeared on the same bill as Aren Drift with ToA, and now he is making his mark on the band too. We are sure as their new guitarist and lead singer, we are sure Aren Drift have only become stronger.


March 2021 saw the release of a new track from Ariandelle; The Inciter. This hard-hitting track is the first new release from these guys in 2 years, and it was certainly worth the wait. With awesome riffs and even more awesome recording quality, this was definitely worth the wait! Check out the track 'The Inciter' below:

Oh and be sure to check out their Bandcamp page for their new Beanies too!


2021 has been a big year for Bleed Again. 2020 ended with the band in the process of recording their second studio album. Since then, the album has been recorded, refined, and on 11 of August, it was announced that the album would be released on October 29th.

If you can't wait till then, the music from this album is featuring heavily in their live shows, so head to one of their gigs and check them out!


The last year has actually been a busy one for Cyanide Sundae. October 2020 saw the band drop the music video for their track 'Wake Up'. The video is a mash-up of stock images and clips and images from the pandemic accompanying a narrative to 'Wake Up' to the "manipulation of what's real around you", a true anti-government song. following the release, the track was featured on BCC Music Introducing in November. Check out the video here.

Another video dropped in March, this time for the track; 'Anger Cage'. This video featured the band as members of a gag trading drugs, and after the buyer finds Cyanide Sundae albums in with the goods, the deal turns sour and a brawl begins. This video was something that would be considered a big commitment for any up-and-coming band, but to do this during the pandemic t have such an action-packed and downright brilliant result, what else can we say other than a very big well-done guys! Check out the video below:

May saw another video from these guys, but this time it was for a brand new track featuring the newest member of the band, Aaron King; Throw It Down. We could say so much for this new track, with Aaron showing off his amazing riff skills, but we think the track speaks for itself:


Planning something generally always takes longer than the thing itself, and that's what Derelict Dream found when they were planning to record two videos that were scheduled for release in August last year. These videos were special for the band, and something that is rarely seen from an unsigned band now; studio session videos.

Unlike standard music videos where the sky is the limit for ideas and the only limits are budget and time, studio sessions are a more personal take on a video, as they are usually video recordings of the band playing in, you guessed it, a studio setting. When done right the sound you hear is a recording of the 'on the day' sound and gives the effect of your own personal concert. Derelict Dream really brought their A-game when they recorded the video for Blood Dance, taken from the EP, recorded at Crimson Craft's studio in Ford, you can check the video out below.

When the announcement about the studio session videos was made, there was mention of a second session video for a track from their upcoming EP. Sadly this hasn't ever been released, but considering everything that has been happening, we hope this is still somewhere on the horizon.


31st of May 2020 saw Doctor Gonzo announce they were to re-entered the studio the following day to begin work on their second EP. After a lockdown break, writing, and further recording sessions, on June 1st, 2021 Doctor Gonzo announced that the EP was soon due for release and it was called 'TOO', and on the 20th of June 2021, the EP was dropped. The EP was released on all major platforms and can be listened to on youtube here.

Skip forward a little over a month and Isolation became the first track from the EP to receive a video that centers around the band's descent into madness during the isolation whilst also highlighting the loneliness and depreciation of people's mental health during this time. Check out the video below.


Next up we have Failed Psychics, a band specializing in Math Punk. Throughout the lockdowns and in between these guys were giving us regular updates, covers, and new content under the banner of their 'Lockdown Sessions' There are too many to post here, but have a listen to a new acoustic cover of their song 'Cosmic Junk' in a solo format below:


Well, what news can we bring you about Gloo? Well, to be honest, a lot! These guys haven't stood still at all over the past year, and there has been so much flooding out from these guys it's impossible to bring it all to you hear. For starters, back in November 2020, Gloo dropped not only the new track 'Work So Hard' but the video to go with it too! This marked the first new track from the guys in a while, but it was definatley worth the wait. Just like you would expect, the band brings us another catch, polished track with an all-round fun video to go with it, check it out below:

February saw the release of their next single; 'Down', and their live performance from Brighton's Concorde 2! It does show the band's ambition and ability when they can play and record in such an iconic venue, and to end up with a live sound that looks and sounds that good takes a lot of hard work and skill. Check out the live performance here.

April saw yet another track released, this time one called 'Big Smoke', which like those before it featured on playlists and radio stations galore. Even with a lockdown in progress, you cannot hold these guys back. Not only that the first GLOOTube was released, a video series charting fun, games, and all Gloo news. Check it out on their Youtube channel for all past episodes.

May brought about the release of another new track 'Ride'. This is yet another banger from the Gloo boys, but the release was almost overshadowed, good way, by the announcement of an upcoming album! It wasn't long however for 'Ride' to hit the airwaves and the positivity to come flooding in, and the video for the track to be released in the same month. Check the video out below.

On the back of the announcement of the new album 'How Not To Be Happy', due for release on August 27th, a UK tour was also announced. For dates check out their Facebook page, and to preorder the album as well.

With radio mentions, reviews, playing on Worthing Pier, competitions, and socks, be sure to check out their Facebook to catch up with everything we couldn't fit in here.


Before the pandemic, Glove were working on their album; 'This Is Going To Hurnt'. Sadly this had been delayed due to varying reasons beyond the bands control, and the pandemic again delayed it further. That said, durning the recording process they had tallented filmmaker Bebe Bentley documenting the process.

On 11th of January Glove gave their album a soft launch alongside of the documentry. The documentry can be found on their Youtube channel here.

The album is available to buy through Third Circle Recording as a digital album for £8.00.


For over two years this band was on hiatus. July 2020 saw these guys not only return, but return with a fantastic video to their song 'Black Bullet'. Previousley the band entered hiatus citing the need to 'regroup', and regroup they have done. This video was made possible by some big names, and resulted in a video combining live action performance, lyrics and animation which is raw, fuIll of energy and very unique. Check it out below and we look forward to whats now to come.


April 2020 saw Graces Collide release their album 'Our Tomorrow'. Produced by George Donoghue and Mixed by Romesh Dodangoda who has worked on tracks for Bring Me The Horizon, this album is full of heavy riffs, awesome vocals and power like you would expect of a debut album from Graces Collide. One of the tracks even features a familiar voice in the form of The Rocket Dolls frontman Nikki Smash. Check out the 10 track album on all good streaming platforms and check out the video for 'Another Sun' featuring Nikki below:

If the album wasn't enough excitement for the Graces Collide guys, November 2020 saw James Lennard on join the band on drums. He was a welcome addition to the band and really solidified their line up.

The next big announcement for these guys came a couple of days later. No sooner had they announced the completion of their line up, but on 16th of November 2020 Gracess Collide announced that they had been officially signed, well done guys. They are now proudly signed to Golden Robot Records, and are already working on material for another album currently expected for release this year.


And that brings us to an end of Part 1 of our news round up of the past year. Keep your eyes open for Part 2 coming soon, and as always help keep live original music alive.



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