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Presenting the LARS Showcase. This event brings three different acts from the alternative spectrum and combines them into one awesome show. Grunge, Classic Punk and Classic Rhythmic Rock are the sounds of this showcase. If you haven't been to a LARS Promotions event before, this will be the perfect introduction, showcasing just a fraction of the styles we showcase. If you have been before, prepare yourself for another awesome night of original music.

The Acts

"GLOVE have been described as a new style of punk grunge. They have a heavy fast approach to their sound with energy and passion live creating a big sound for just three people. Front man Ricky Ashcroft's lyrics tap into the reality of life, love, self doubt, depression and drug addiction, using his words as a weapon to protect himself against the world.

Five Get into Trouble, Five Go to Demons Rocks, and Five Go Mad. Fits quite well don't you think? No the last one isn't one of Enid Blyton's newest works, it the name of the Portsmouth based Punks anti-fascist band. With songs like 'Drinking and Wanking', 'Andy's Bladder', and 'Shit Town Rat' you could be forgiven you'd walked into a room of teenagers talking about their last house party.

We're all failed psychics. These particular ones are Alex, Sam and James in Brighton who play whatever they can with semi-acoustic, bass, voice and drums.

The Details

Fri Oct 05 2018 19:30:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

20:30 - Late

​Line Up In Running Order

Failed Psychics

5 Go Mad



The Crown, Littlehampton

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