5 Go Mad
5 Go Mad

07/01/17 - Punk-A-Palooza.

18/08/17 - Doctrine of Complicity: The Final Act.

05/10/18 - The LARS Promotions Showcase.

Events Played:

5 Go Mad





Five Get into Trouble, Five Go to Demons Rocks, and Five Go Mad. Fits quite well don't you think? No the last one isn't one of Enid Blyton's newest works, it the name of the Portsmouth based Punks anti-fascist band. With songs like 'Drinking and Wanking', 'Andy's Bladder', and 'Shit Town Rat' you could be forgiven you'd walked into a room of teenagers talking about their last house party. 5 Go Mad are by no means a backyard band however. They are a bunch of born again punks, with a hatred for the system and more than just simply un-P.C. Their songs show us the old-school style of punk, and seem to fit in well with the ranks of Peter and the Test Tube Babies, The Anti-Nowhere League, and maybe even The Adicts.


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