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Artist Showcase
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Artist Showcase

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Check out the Rock bands that have performed on our stages. These acts cover the wide spectrum of rock, and each band brings something different to the genre.

Click on each act to find out more information on them and where you can find out even more.

Progressive Rock
Once upon a time, a choir girl and a metalhead got stuck on an island, with nothing but a microphone, a guitar, and a pedalboard…Across The Sea sound unlike any act you’ve heard before. Built around the hauntingly powerful voice of Hannah Katy Lewis, and the unorthodox, adventurous guitar approach of Pete Ferguson, their unique, genre-bending sound is wildly eclectic, fiercely inventive, and singularly distinctive. Following the February 2018 release of their debut EP, 'I, Wanderer', the duo swiftly gained a reputation as a captivating and affecting live act, performing aboard HMS Warrior, and as a showcase act at Camden’s Dublin Castle. In August 2018, the pair supported Nizlopi’s Luke Concannon at the Arundel date of his UK tour. Their debut full length album ‘Infinite Worlds’ was released on 7th December 2018.
Agitated are a high energy band full of potential. Very new to performing, they manage some covers in their set that older bands would shy away from. Their own songs are brilliant too, and although currently without lyrics, their musical skills could be mistaken for those of seasoned artists. Although they have only played a small number of gigs to date their playing abilities are not to be ashamed of from bands twice their age. We can see these guys going far and when they have a few gigs behind them and get their stage craft nailed they will be headlining in no time.
Floydian Progressive Dream Rock
A '3-piece rock band with a taste for floydian soundscapes and experimental blues' Andy & The Echoes formed in 2011 and 'take a refreshingly contemporary approach to the foundations laid down by pioneering musicians of the 60s/70s'. 'Combining quality of song-writing, musicianship and live performance to bring about a new awakening in this increasingly contrived and digitised world of music...'
Progressive Rock
Aren Drift formed in 2016 by Czech artist and photographer Radka Nemcova. Working initially with vocals, guitar and drums, the band soon added a bass player to their line up. They are influenced heavily by the sounds of the classic rockers of days gone by as well as other artists and sounds from around the globe. The band take these influences and mix them together creating an unique progressive rock sound featuring melodic and heavy riffs, contralto and seductive vocals. Currently the band is working on their debut album and music videos to boot, and we can see these guys going far with the passion they hold for their music.
Ark:Orion are a Rock/pop 5 piece band from West Sussex, founded in 2013. Together they have produced an original sound with "stadium-sized chorus'" and "swirling harmonies" (Anthem Reviews). Stuart Ongeley of SGO Music praise them as having "strong songs and an energetic live performance". Formally known as Skye, their debut EP "Infinite" is available on iTunes, Spotify, YouTube and SoundCloud. With the recent additions of Dale and Josh they are ready to kick ass in a new chapter. They are looking to gig, record and just have some bloody fun with it all.
British Folk Rock
Bad Billy Band are a British Folk/Rock band that plays thumping, toe-tapping original music. Hailing from around Brighton/Worthing, the five-piece band knock out an original folk/rock mixture with a lively sound. The band are notoriously great live and have played to many audiences along the south of England. Inspired by early folk rock legends of the '60s and '70s, Bad Billy Band was formed by three musicians. After a few short gigs it was decided to involve further musicians to expand the live sound. Now six years later and three albums done, the band has renewed it's sound once again after saying "Good Bye" to some of the founding members.
Heavy Rock
Charged are a hard-hitting, take no prisoners, Rock/Metal 4 piece from the south coast. They play music they enjoy playing and listening too, to them there is no better way. The band originated as a few guys meeting up for a jam once a week. Initially they boasted a variety of musicians and session musicians including 4 guitarists, bass, drums, 4 vocals, harmonica and banjo all on the go! Strange set up but slowly some peeled off and Charged, now playing mainly original tunes with a few choice covers to add to the flavour, were formed.
Hard Rock
Formed in the autumn of 2016 the band have drawn from an array of influences to add distinction to the contemporary hard rock songs they create. Any one of their songs from their extensive catalogue will testify to this. The group have quickly built a reputation for being an energetic and dynamic hard rock/metal hybrid with powerful melodies that appeal to fans of Foo Fighters, Royal Blood and Alter Bridge (just to name a few). Cyanide Sundae produce a huge live sound for a 3 piece band with their unique set up. Their original and different sound sets them apart from others in the Rock & Hard Rock genre which has landed them some prestigious supports including California’s Leatherwolf, Goldray, Bleed Again, High Rise & The Darker My Horizon.
Stoner Progressive Grunge Rock
3 Piece Desert/Stoner Rock Prog Grunge band from Brighton. Creamy with a side of vanilla Sabbath blueberry twist...
Fuzzy Garage Rock
Surrey’s Gold Phoenix expresses large doses of raw, riff heavy Garage-Rock. The trio released their single 'Oh So Hard' on August 8th with a video to accompany it. The band were contacted by Producer Nick Brine which followed in the recording of the single at the legendary Rockfield Studios in Wales. Musically, Oh So Hard pays a powerful homage to the bands that have influenced their sound, with flickers of Queens Of The Stone Age, Placebo and She Wants Revenge, the seemingly dark lyrics pray amongst a heavy fuzz fuelled bassline that drives the song through its powerful mapped out arrangement.
Hard Rock
Graces Collide are a four piece band describing themselves as 'high energy heavy riffage, coupled with beautiful ballads to explore the feelings that burn inside all of us, With catchy melodies and lyrics to back them up.' Still in the genre of rock, Graces Collide take more influence from the modern masters of rock as well as the classics. This blend of old and new influences make Graces Collide a band not to be missed! Led by front man Dan on guitar and vocals, with Mark on drums and twin brothers Will and Jurgan on lead guitar and bass, Graces Collide have produced a melodic, infectious and riff-heavy sound that get crowds coming back time and again.
Icarus Falls are a 5 piece band, and are heavily influenced by the greats of classic rock. These influences find their way into the music of Icarus Falls and bring back the feelings of the height of the classic rock era while still incorporating a more modern twist. The band described themselves as more Hard Rock having started off as Pop Rock but have finally found their unique sound with the current line up. This in turn has led to an E.P. and Album release.
Post-Metal Alternative Rock
Ichiro are an 'Ambient Post-Djent Quartet '. Their name is taken from the Japanese for “New Beginnings”. They take their influences from a variety of sources and because of this, struggle to describe what genre they actually are. Initially the band formed a following by playing some of the well known covers before taking the decision to focus on performing their own material. They take their experiences in live and combine them with their unique sounds has earned them the description of “Black Magic Rock”.
Singer Songwriter
A Guitarist Singer-Songwriter from East Grinstead
Alternative Rock
Taking their love of making music and being inspired by their various influences, Jokers Parade create something that’s fresh, dynamic and exciting. One Man. One Woman. One HUGE sound. 2 Attachm
Grunge Blues Rock
Junkyard Choir is a two-piece musical powerhouse from Brighton. They are a stripped-down garage orchestra of guitar and drums, characterised by gritty melodies and commanded by imperious vocals. Mark Woods and Tom Herbert are purveyors of a restless and dirty blues from south of the borderlands - drenched in rum, and served with lime - this is riot music, road trip rock 'n' roll: the sounds of the desert and the soul of the swamp, forged from hunger and baptised in sweat.
Blues Rock
'Junkyard Sons are the bastard offspring of the history of music, playing for fun but as if their lives depended on it.' UK based Bluesy Rock band with a distinctly unique twist, Junkyard Sons formed in the Summer of 2013, now gigging full sets of All Original Blues Rock, Junkyard Sons are having fun playing the music that has inspired generations of acts from across the world.
Electro Metal Rock
"Like pop, but f**ked up! Essex trio Killatrix are breaking the mould of rock music, pushing the boundaries of pop, metal, hip-hop and dance, to produce a unique hybrid of party-rock-electronica, that you can dance, fight & bang your head to. Rising from the ashes of previous musical trips, vocalist SinDii, guitarist Samuel Hart and bassist Chris Frisbee joined forces alongside producer Pete Leslie, bringing their knowledge, fearless ambition and eclectic tastes together to create a genre-defying style that excites them to the core. Citing influences as varied as Nine Inch Nails, Skindred, Linkin Park, Gwen Stefani, Jonelle Monae and Ecca Vandal, Killatrix pull as much from established acts as they do new talent. Taking a DIY approach to their endeavours, the band set to work on new material and live show and following the release of their debut party-centric single ‘Overcome’ and the follow up 90’s hip-hop inspired ‘Bad Language’ they dropped their debut EP KLTRX in 2016. With the crossover of rock, dance and rap growing in popularity, Killatrix are set to continue their noise assault. Will they take over the world probably not, will they try, HELL YEAH!!"
Lithium has entered a new era. With a recent change of vocalist, the band is looking to now kick on and continue with the steady progression made over the years to play tight and solid great rock music. Our current line up consists of long-term band members Dave on drums and Spike on bass, who together have over 15 years of playing which helps to form a very tight and solid sound. As founding members, they are the heartbeat of Lithium. From 2 guitarists to one, Craig has been with the band for the last 4 years and has taken on the role as the lone guitar player, able to switch between rhythm and lead guitar parts with ease and flair to create a fantastic rock sound. Joining Lithium in the summer of 2018, Moz is now the vocalist for the new era. Having previously played in Rock/Punk bands he is now the vocal sound of Lithium going forward. Lithium – Hard rock as it should be. Welcome to our world…
Hard Rock
Lost Asylum, a 5 piece band based near Burgess Hill, classify themselves as a Hard Rock band. With a mix of goth-rock and power-metal vocals and some good guitar work to match, they are a band to definitely check out. The track 'Dysfunctional Me' is a blinding track and one of the bands favourite songs to perform. It features Lost Asylum style dark and pounding rhythm with fantastic bass riffs. "If you love it, you love it, if you don't, you don't!" Guitarist Darren says, but we are sure you will.
Funk Rock
My Pet Shark are a 4 piece Funk-Rock Band from Brighton. Pioneers of the 'shark funk' scene, My Pet Shark define what it means to make the perfect cup of tea. Forged from the ashes of a sharknado, they bring a mixture of Chili Pepper inspired funk rock and a Rage Against the Machine style eye upon social injustice. Revealing answers about Robert Smith's Tie and raising questions about a certain golden-haired chump with tiny hands and an overactive twitter account. Expect noise, funk and marine based craziness! Funk It!
Heavy Pop Rock
Pretty Little Enemy hail from Minehead, Somerset. 'Since their formation in early 2015, Pretty Little Enemy have built up a dedicated following in the South West which is quickly spreading across the rest of the UK and beyond.' Their Facebook profile says they describe themselves as 'Metal ABBA' and knowing me and knowing you we know their crowd enjoys their shows. ​ They have earned a reputation for putting on a great show, and we are sure you will agree that reputation is well deserved after seeing them perform. Their passion for their music comes through in not only the music itself, but the performance too. The bands energy on stage combined with their love of Tequila gives a performance that really gets the crowd going, a band well worth watching, and sharing a round of shots with after.
Alternative Rock
Hailing from Southampton, Reawaken are a heavy, high powered alternative rock band formed in late October 2016. Their harmonious, eerie tones contrasted with their bewitching stage presence they are able to capture the attention of any audience.
Alternative Rock
Shallow Honey are a South coast quiet/loud alternative rock band with with ripples from the early 90’s. 
 Formed in 2019 with the intention of producing songs that take listeners on a journey from purring twisty verses to ‘blowtorch heavy’ choruses whilst maintaining catchy melodies throughout. 
Their debut Singles ‘Control’, and ‘Emily Doe’ both featured on BBC Introducing South.
Alternative Rock
This 5 piece are a Southampton based band called Spindlefish. This Alternative Rock band aim to not only have you listening to their set but to feel it as well. They endeavour to bring energy to not just their music, but to the performance as well. No matter what size the venue, these guys aim to make any gig feel like an intimate one. Their 'fans feel our performance, [their] lyrics and [their] friendship and [they'd] jump at any opportunity to make a large gig feel intimate and involved. The more [they] can spread the SF love, the more [they] feel [they] can support upcoming talent and events from all over the world.' After a change in line up, the band re-branded and are now known as Reawaken.
Hard Rock
Hard-hitting, rock n’ rollin’ four-piece Stone Angels are proving to be the untamed beasts of the new rock scene. Coming at you from the vibrant cornucopia of Brighton’s ever-expanding music scene, this is a band that, contrary to appearance and norms, embodies respect and professionalism. Born out of the ashes of several broken bands, Stone Angels were spawned in 2011 and soon set out their own manifesto, pulling from the classic LA rock and legendary UK rock scenes, whilst still offering a very fresh take on the classic rock genre. The band have more than succeeded, but it has not been without an enormous amount of grit and determination.
Blues Groove Rock
Vintage tones, with a blend of blues, rock, stoner, metal, and prog to make your ears happy! Turn on, Tune in, Chill out!
Hard Rock
This is an 'up and coming Brighton based Hard rock band established late 2015'. This 'hard hitting' four piece, after an additional member joining, are all 'about the live shows' quoted as saying "We wanna inject some of what's been missing back into real Rock". 'The boys have already made their mark on the scene with 'riffs you may need gum shields for' and a blistering set to boot, these boys are certainly a band to watch out for'.
Hard Rock
The Rattlebacks are a 5 piece new generation hard rock outfit based in Surrey. In November 2017 the barebones of musical arrangements for over 30 songs had been put together. Following an extended period during which the first lineup was built and 10 songs completed. June 2018 - The Rattlebacks are born. What followed was a warm up gig in Horsham from which several more gig offers poured in, including a festival. Following on from the success of the warm up gig, more were planned in Guildford, Brighton and Horsham; all of which sold out, and two of which were over capacity on the night. The Rattlebacks headed into the studio in December 2018 with a view to record their debut EP. March 2019 saw the release of the EP ‘Five Lines To Start’ and the single ‘Backdrop’ – which in total have achieved over 12,000 streams on Spotify alone in only two months. The goal of The Rattlebacks is to bring rock music into a new generation.
Rave Pop Rock
First appearing on Earth in 2012 Tidal Rave have been carrying out their mission to provide a raving good time to all beings they come across. Having conquered all in their path so far, they have proven themselves to be exactly what they are. The Best band in The UNIVERSE! And Earth is only their latest stop. Hailing from all corners of nobody knows where, they are granted their powers by mysterious forces from beyond anywhere that anyone or anything has ever been. These Super-Beings whilst powerful are (mostly) harmless, using their influence over known physics for (mostly) good deeds. After choosing Earth as their latest host planet TR merely needed to wait until a group of appropriate and compatible vessels could be assimilated. This happened to take place in Brighton of the United Kingdom and after various testing phases the humanoid form was deemed most appropriate (Dolphins were a close second). Since then Tidal Rave have discovered that human tastes for mainstream music are somewhat disappointing and so set out to become the worst band in the world as a means to maintain their title as the best band in the universe. To achieve this they mix the mind-numbingly repetitive dance figures of club music with the tragedy of prepubescent punk styles and as such are poised to be global mega-stars. Whilst it may be impossible to ever know exactly where they came from, it is obvious they still have a long way to go. So join Tidal Rave on their multicolour, musical journey to take over the world of pop... OR BE DESTROYED!
Progressive Rock
A top-hatted, open-tuned acoustic instrumentalist from a town called Littlehampton. Timmington has a unique sound and set that aims to take the listner on a journey from the calm and atmospheric to an intense and frantic end.
Sleaze Rock
Turbo Lovers promise to melt your face and your mind with their sleaze rock at every gig they play. They say that 'through time and mist, there has only been one band, that could give your ear drums erections, and your eyes orgasms: Turbo Lovers.' We aren't quite sure if this is possible, but we do know that it felt like they had them! On stage the band showcase their talent and 'oozed sass and confidence' when they played for us. Their whole set was full on rock with a lot of innuendos thrown in for good measure. Definitely a crowd pleaser, Turbo Lovers know how to have a good time, and they drag the crowd along with them for the ride.
Grunge Proto-metal
In early 2018, Natt and Alex from local punk heroes Atombuzz decided that they wanted to break away and do something a bit different. Atombuzz had reached the end of its long life and the boys were hungry for change. Armed with a few songs they got back into rehearsals but needed a bassist and a singer to complete the lineup. By chance Alex had been in contact with an old friend and former work colleague Jim who offered to come down to a rehearsal and give it a go. Jim had been the former bass player in the hardcore band Wall Of Denial as well as the guitarist in SoulsScream. Right from the start the band just gelled together and Jim was offered the position after the first practice. From there on the new songs started to flow with all three contributing with varied styles. The hunt was then on for a vocalist. The band put out several ads and spoke to contacts but had no luck (apart from a couple of James Hetfield wannabies). The band were looking for a male or Female vocalist. At the end of 2018 they had some interest in the position from a Facebook ad they posted, Shona came down for an audition and the sound just came together beautifully. The lineup was complete and the band had well over 10 songs ready to rock. Two-Tonne Vice are a band you can’t really pigeon hole into one genre. Due to the mix of influences each song has a very unique sound – from pop punk all the way to metal, the band love to mix it up so that every song is interesting and different from the last. After a couple of line-up changes in 2020, the band have now rebranded as Mirrors of Madness.
Experimental Rock
A 4 piece Alternative Post Punk Rock band based in London and Brighton. Over the past 10 years they have been prolific in self-releasing 8 albums, 8 singles and 5 EP's. With over a 130 gigs up and down the country under their belt they have developed their live sound to be an exciting, edge of the seat roller coaster ride that has been described by as "rock that's not been polished and manipulated, but is instead raw, rough and marvellously tactile" and this goes some way to describe the tension and darkness that pervades our sometimes unnerving experimental sound. We are a fiercely independent band and have developed something of a legendary status on the East London circuit, building up a fearsome reputation by word of mouth alone and by maintaining a frenetic gigging schedule around the capital.
Fuzz Junk Shop Rock
Self styled as Junkshop Rock, Wytch Pycniyc are a old school sounding Fuzz Rock four piece. Hailing from the south east they throw a psychedelic edge in for good measure. Their sound is reminiscent of Black Sabbath and Sonic Youth, this band love performing and their energy will soon get you jumping. Lovers of the 'old school' cassette tape their EP The Skeleton Tape has be produced and recorded on a selection of cassette tapes. Also Available in digital formats giving a 'warrior class' sound.
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