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We all know by the first week in December we will be sick of the Christmas music in every shop. Well that's where we come in. This event promises to avoid the cheesy Christmas tunes and instead bring the party to The Crown. Stone Soup will be kicking off the night with their blend of blues rock, with My Pet Sharks' Funk Rock to follow. Tidal Rave will be heading with their awesome rave tunes, party cannons, and UV costumes to really get the party raving!

The Acts

Tidal Rave have discovered that human tastes for mainstream music are somewhat disappointing and so set out to become the worst band in the world as a means to maintain their title as the best band in the universe. To achieve this they mix the mind-numbingly repetitive dance figures of club music with the tragedy of prepubescent punk styles and as such are poised to be global mega-stars. Whilst it may be impossible to ever know exactly where they came from, it is obvious they still have a long way to go. So join Tidal Rave on their multicolour, musical journey to take over the world of pop... OR BE DESTROYED!

Slackrr are easily one the most talked about bands in the UK underground circuit right now. Hailing from Southampton, The band have only been active for just over 18 months and in that time they have taken some giant leaps forward into becoming a well-known and widely loved name across the UK underground punk and rock scene.

Vintage tones, with a blend of blues, rock, stoner, metal, and prog to make your ears happy! Turn on, Tune in, Chill out!

The Details

Fri Dec 06 2019 20:30:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

20:30 - Late

​Line Up In Running Order

Stone Soup


Tidal Rave


The Crown, Littlehampton

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