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The Punk-A-Palooza returns with three amazing acts from across the genre. This event showcases Ska-Punk from Doctor Gonzo, Hardcore Punk from The SLM and Grunge Punk from our headliners Glove! Any lover of punk should mark this event in their diary as one not to be missed.

The Acts

GLOVE have been described as a new style of punk grunge. They have a heavy fast approach to their sound with energy and passion live creating a big sound for just three people. Front man Ricky Ashcroft's lyrics tap into the reality of life, love, self doubt, depression and drug addiction, using his words as a weapon to protect himself against the world.

3 dudes who like playing fast songs about zombies, zombie sharks, TMNT, and such like. They formed years ago when we could only play bad pixies cover songs, now we play hard and fast punk music; hardcore without the bravado and breakdowns, just fast, fast, fast.

Doctor Gonzo are different because we’re older, wiser, (sort of,) louder, faster and funnier than most bands out there. We love our songs, our fans and we love playing punk rock. It’s exciting to be playing the music we love for a growing audience, being able to share what we love with fans and travel, meeting awesome new bands and people is one of the best things about being in a band with your best mates.

The Details

Thu Oct 04 2029 19:30:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

20:30 - Late

​Line Up In Running Order

Doctor Gonzo




The Crown, Littlehampton

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