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Icarus Falls return to our stages with the amazing Ariandelle and The Lucky Scars for a night of punk and rock. The three acts featured on this event are from the rockier corner of our spectrum but we are sure anyone who enjoys original music will have a blast at this event. Still not sure? Then come on down and check it out!

The Acts

Icarus Falls are a 5 piece band, and are heavily influenced by the greats of classic rock. These influences find their way into the music of Icarus Falls and bring back the feelings of the height of the classic rock era while still incorporating a more modern twist. The band described themselves as more Hard Rock having started off as Pop Rock but have finally found their unique sound with the current line up. This in turn has led to an E.P. and Album release.

Ariandelle are new to the music scene, forming in February 2017. Based in Worthing, they have played alongside a number of our other acts in the past and are already beginning to make a name for themselves. Influenced by Disperse, Good Tiger, Black Peaks, and Deftones, they classify their style as 'Low Level Prog Metal'.

With songs catchier than the plague, The Lucky Scars have their sights set on conquering the punk rock world with the planned release of their debut album in early 2019. Since forming in Southampton in 2017, The Lucky Scars have been sharing their unique blend of contagious punk rock riffs, hard hitting drums and heartfelt lyrics that has had them compared to US bands like The Offspring and Alkaline Trio while still retaining their British roots and accents. The Lucky Scars write anthems for all occasions, from drunken one-night stands (Malibu And Sex) and the importance of friendship (Those Were The Days) to nightmare inducing sleep paralysis (Shark Pork), the angst of escaping your past (Nothing Changes) and the occasional Dissociative Identity Disorder love song (Player 2 Has Entered The Game).

The Details

Fri Apr 05 2019 19:30:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

20:30 - Late

​Line Up In Running Order

The Lucky Scars


Icarus Falls


The Crown, Littlehampton

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