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We are proud to present to you our upcoming event: Sweet Jonny supported by Geezapunx and Glove. Old school garage rock with a slice of grunge and punk. These bands showcase the blurred lines between these genres and present their own takes on them. Starting the night we have Glove who draw inspiration from the grunge and garage rock scene. Our second act of the night is Geezapunx with their 'old school' inspired punk. Completing the Line up we have our headliners for the night; Sweet Jonny. These guys take their musical muse from the 80's scene, imagine 'The Pixies on Speed'. Even if you aren't a big fan of punk, we are sure you will love this event.

The Acts

Sweet Jonny were 'Formed through a general distaste and disillusionment with the current music scene, Sweet Jonny hail from a do-nothing town in the middle of nowhere. A gutter garage rock band – fervent, desperate and violently energetic. A torrent of noise, sweat and more often than not, [their] own blood. Think the Pixies on speed or the Cramps if they were denied it.'

Geezapunx are a Basingstoke punk band playing a 'Cheeky, retro blend of authentic rebellious 70's old school punk.' Although influenced heavily by this era these guys write their songs about what gets them fired up today. These guys will get you fired up and joining in the rebellion against the hate.

"GLOVE have be described as a new style of punk grunge. they have a heavy fast approach to their sound with energy and passion live creating a big sound for just three people. Front man Ricky Ashcroft's lyrics tap into the reality of life, love self doubt, depression and drug addiction using his words as a weapon to protect himself against the world.

The Details

Sat Oct 14 2017 19:30:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

20:30 - Late

​Line Up In Running Order



Sweet Jonny


The Crown, Littlehampton

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