Show Report - Punk-A-Palooza

February 22, 2018


Friday night, small town pub, big sounds!


Yes, time to see what the L.A.R.S Promotions crew have in store for us this month, with a couple of returning bands and a new act for the line up, this Punk-A-Palooza was one not to be missed! First up we had Second In Line.


This four piece band was founded back in 2002. The Newbury / Southampton based group have had a few line up changes but with the current line up their skate punk sound and movie inspired songs absolutely rock hard.


Kicking off their set with a fast punchy number, it really set the vibe for the whole evening. The track after, 'Joanie loves Chachi' is another fast paced number with a real raw guitar sound, toe tapping beat, and screaming vocals. It definitely had that skate punk sound - enthusiastic, heavy and in your face.


Following with the track 'Blanche' it was a bit of a contrast, this track is a bit of a fun, short and sweet song with a hint of fifties rock 'n' roll sound thrown in too. Prizes also go to Second In Line for having the shortest song EVER...less than one minute long!!!


Their whole set was lively, fun and energetic. The guys on stage were fantastic, keeping up their thumping, fast paced style throughout and engaging the crowd, getting their feet well and truly moving. Next up, the first of the returning bands, Portsmouth based Watch You Drown.


We last caught up with them back in January 2017, since then the guys have been gigging frequently and released their album 'Two Minute Hate'.

Describing themselves as not a straight up punk band, they feel they include a range of genres in their music, more melodic punk as they say.