Show Report - The Rock Riot!

January 31, 2018


Well here we are folks, the first L.A.R.S Promotions event of 2018, Happy New Year to you all!

It's Friday night, the atmosphere is buzzing as the bands get ready to kick off the evening.

Unfortunately the headline act for the evening, Icarus Falls, had to pull out due to sickness - flu and lead vocalists do not mix - we will hopefully catch them again soon and wish them a speedy recovery!  The evening went ahead as planned however, with Junkyard Sons stepping up to headline and Ark Orion supporting, both giving us longer, awesome sets.


So first up, Ark Orion.


 The five piece band hailing from Chichester way are our first returning act for the year. Their indie/alternative pop rock sound is still as fun as ever and their set has become more refined and tighter since we saw them back in September '17. Catching up with them before their set, the guys have been writing new material, promoting their music video, gigging and changing their hairstyles. So definitely have been busy bees.



Kicking of the set was the track 'Phoenix'. The melodic guitar riffs sets the scene gradually building up with the bass and drum beats to a toe tapping, head bopping tune. The soulful vocals and lyrics definitely draw you into the music along with the band. The track 'Losing Run' ( also the music video the band have out there) is a more chunky beats track with heavier riffs, passionate lyrics and vocals. Another track that wants to get you moving along with the guys as they bop around the stage and crowd.


 Throwing in a couple of cover tracks into the mix (Outkast's 'Hey Ya' went down a treat!) the set was absolutely amazing and the guys energy, despite the longer set, never let up and kept the crowd tuned into them. Definitely a band to catch if you can!


Next up we had Junkyard Sons.


A 6 piece band (probably the biggest act that have played!) based in Worthing describe themselves as an all original blues rock band, and wow! their sound really does have a kick to it! They've got that real deep south blues vibe with chunky, over driven riffs, soulful vocals, melodic harmonica solos and toe tapping, hip shaking beats.


 Kicking off the set with a track called 'Marvin's Big Kahunas' You immediately got the feel that we were in for something special. The track has a blend of the deep blues sound combined with those harmonica infills, chunky riffs and tuneful guitar solos. It's got a raw energy to it especially with the gritty vocals and punchy bass and drum beats, absolutely a blinding track to get you moving from the start.



Another track I enjoyed was 'Go' a slightly slower paced track a more rock vibe. Passionate lyrics and vocals over a melodic riff and amazing guitar solos really give this track a hauntingly powerful feel to it. The toe tapping beats behind it draw you into the music and keep you swaying with the band.

Rounding off the set with a much demanded encore 'Freeway' was described as a 'slow, dirty little number'. It definitely had the raw, gritty blues tone, with a driving beat and heavy guitar riffs. The guitar solos absolutely are air guitar worthy too! An amazing track which left the crowd wanting more still.



The guys on stage are amazing to watch, their energy (considering the lack of room) was seemly endless and the whole set was flowing from one track to the next. The band stated in their interview that they are a 'live band and love playing live' and you definitely can see why! I highly recommend catching them at a gig if they are on the bill.


So when it was all over and Metal Meyhem Radio's tunes were playing us out to the end of the night, I was feeling a little blue that it was over already but absolutely was rocked out. What a great way to kick off the year!


Thanks to L.A.R.S Promotions for a fabulous evening, Thanks to The Crown for hosting, Thanks to Crimson Craft Audio for equipment hire, Huge thanks to the amazing bands Junkyard Sons and Ark Orion for their awesome music, Thanks to Metal Meyhem Radio for allowing me to chat to these lovely people and to write this blog.

Keep rockin'

Squirrel x



This blog was written by Siobhan Trigg for Metal Meyhem Radio, Used with permission. Blog © Metal Meyhem Radio 2017. Original posting can be found at:


Images Taken by Shavography, ©LARS Promotions 2017.

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