Show Report: The Raven Guard plus Supports

November 20, 2017

 Friday night, the crowd at The Crown are hyped up ready for the Littlehampton Alternative Rock Society's November event. 3 amazing bands are ready to hit the stage, Metal Meyhem Radio are pumping out some tunes to get the atmosphere going, I'm here and I can't wait to see what kind of night there is in store for us.


 First up we had Turbo Lovers, a five piece band based around Sussex, formed in 2014. Describing their music style as face melting, sleaze and more sleaze rock, the guys bring fun, sex and rock 'n' roll to the stage.


The on stage presence oozed sass and confidence and the guys, whilst promising to give everyone eargasms, definitely put on one hell of a show.
Opening up their set with a bit of a metal ruse, before they launched into their track 'Step Up Your Game'. Kicking off with a chunky guitar riff that immediately got you moving your feet to the beat, the vocals then came in with a gritty sound adding to the rock vibe of the track and the lyrics, catchy to get the crowd joining in. The guitar riffs were definitely rocking the track with a hint of classic flair and the beats from the drum and bass kept peoples toes tapping, one hell of a crowd pleasing track.



Another track I enjoyed was 'Little Man'. A high energy, fast paced track. Angsty lyrics, awesome guitar solos and a thumping beat, this track kept the party vibe going. Their whole set was an absolute party in fact, the guys had boundless energy on stage, a bunch of innuendos and even had a dance with members of the crowd. Definitely a rockin' time!