Show Report: Metal Massacre

February 23, 2017

So once again I was back at The Crown in Littlehampton,  this time it was for a Metal Massacre, a L.A.R.S Event night; And Metal it definitely was!! 


First up we had THEM BROADS from Bognor Regis. These guys really had some fantastic, unrelenting energy on stage and completely pulled the crowd up closer to enjoy it with them. Although they are predominantly a metal band they have some serious punky undertones which sets them apart from the generic genre. On the tracks 'Blow Me Away' and 'The Medium' this is quite apparent with fast beats and high energetic vocals. But there is also some melodic metal there too with the guitar riffs and the solos, the mix really works well to give them their unique sound.


Them Broads Opening our Metal Massacre Event.


I really enjoyed their set as there was such a positive yet intense vibe from them, they held the crowd well and truly worked up and ready for the next band Derelict Dream.


Now these guys, hailing from Littlehampton, Worthing and Washington, are something else... (Wait,  I'm sure I've seen that bassist before...) They combine melodic metal with eerily gothic synth sounds and chugging riffs to come up something likened to progressive doom metal and death metal. Describing themselves as dark and melodic whilst having fun with evil things, these guys completely blew us away with their songs, delving into deep, dark psychology, dreams and feeling trapped. The track 'Blood Dance' is one of the bands personal favourites and is really driving, melodic, and slightly haunting. The energy going into this one is immense but the guys just flow with it effortlessly. 'Hellish Blessing' is another track that again is slightly eerie in its riffs but still has that dark rhythm behind it, really intriguing to listen to. The guy’s performance was brilliant, really natural on stage but at the same time you could see they were truly enjoying it too, you just had to watch them.


 Lead Singer Lou of Derelict Dream roaring out a song.


Lastly but by no means least,  the black mass of King Leviathan. This 4 piece Brighton based band describe themselves as a Blackened Thrash Band. Worshipping the old gods and ties to the occult, we really were in for a very special set. The band have only been around since 2014 but they have played several festivals already including Brighton’s Mammothfest, Thrashersaurus and Bloodstock's "New Blood Stage". When I spoke to them about how festivals compare with the smaller gigs, the guys said really they are the same as you still get nervous,  but for different reasons as the atmospheres are completely different. It was quite interesting to hear from a bands point of view. Performing with their ritual black crosses painted on their faces, the guys were amazing on stage, the set flowed so easily and you can tell how well they have gelled together and know each others strengths to create their music. 


 Leaders of the Black Masses: King Leviathan after entertaining us with their amazing set.


Influenced by loss,  pain,  misery, (whether directly or indirectly) and playing from the heart, their songs are fairly epic and brutal at the the same time. 'The Shrine' has a deep pulsing rhythm to start with then breaks into a melodic riff and raging guitar solo, Combined with with the explosive yet haunting vocals it really is a kick ass track and the band completely had the crowd at their mercy with it. 'Skin From Bone' was another track that I personally liked, opening with a sweeping guitar riff then delving into a dark, driving rhythm before coming back at you with melodic vocals and amazing solos, it blew me away. A true crowd pleaser. The band definitely had us all in awe by the end of their set and even obliged to calls for an encore, completely captivating us with the high energy and pounding tunes.   


So by the end of it all, ears ringing and kicking back to Metal Meyhem Radio's tunes, I can confirm that I was a willing victim to the Metal Massacre. Well done to The Littlehampton Alternative Rock Society for producing another kick ass evening.

Thanks to The Crown for hosting the night, Thanks to the bands for the epic performances, and of course to Metal Meyhem Radio for allowing me to interview the bands and write this blog xx   


Siobhan Trigg 


Article written by Siobhan Trigg for Metal Meyhem Radio © Metal Meyhem Radio 2017.

Original article can be found at:

Captions Written by James Hickman ©Littlehampton Alternative Rock Society 2017.

Images ©Shavography 2017.


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