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Terraborn - New E.P. 'Call To War'.

Scott Burchfield reviews the fantastic new E.P. from the ranks of the Terraborn army.

"In a parallel dimension, a nuclear holocaust caused by corrupt world leaders, seeking to rid the planet of the mutated beings they inadvertently created, has forced the human race to retreat underground... The effects of a biological weapon has caused some people to mutate, violent and blood thirsty, The Fallen; now ravage the land. Five once normal men, now reborn from the earth as disfigured but powerful warriors, have risen against The Fallen. They vow to take back the world of TERRA and destroy the mutant masses. They are Terraborn."

The First in Line of the Terraborn Army Expells his Call to War at the Littlehampton Alternative Rock Society Event.

Throughout there is lots going on which gives the album plenty of atmosphere and the sense of being stuck in the middle of the fight, you really do feel like you are there alongside the ranks of soldiers fighting for their lives.

The title track of the album 'A Call to War' is set in the heart of a battle. The cites are fallen and more men are needed to pick up the fight of their fallen comrades. In this time of war there is no middle ground it is 'kill or be killed' now as they fight through the darkest time of the war. The time has come to decide. 'Do you want live? Do you want to exist? Will you stand up with us and fight?'

The new Terraborn Album 'Call To War' is available now.

The third track on the album; 'Transmutation' tells the story of the horror of the war where our own bodies are turned against us. Where the soldiers fall and the chemicals begin to mutate their bodies around them. The disease pulls the mutation from within humanities own discarded genetic lineage and turns them into distorted versions of their former selves. As the band play through, the vocals give an ongoing narrative of the change, the singer trying to hold onto his mind as his blood burns and his body mutates.

Watch the Lyric Video for 'Transmutation' below:

There is a good old school metal vibe running through, whist still managing to showcase some of the modern production abilities for the sound and mixing. The album itself is a very well produced album with a great guitar tone. To me the bass on the tracks was possibly a little lost in the mix, however it didn't take a way from the experience of the album.

If you haven't heard Terraborn before, I can highly recommend this album if you like a good head-bang or need to get any where fast!

'Call to War' is available from the iTunes store now:

Find out more about Terraborn on their artist profile at: https://www.larspromotions.com/Act/Terraborn

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