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L.A.R.S. Presents: The Rock Riot

I predicted a riot..... A metal fans account of L.A.R.S presents Rock Riot. So, small town pub in Littlehampton's High Street - Epic amounts of Rock! This whole night just blew me away with the amount of talent that graced our stage...

First to treat us was Icarus Falls, a 5 piece band from around Sussex, these guys were amazing! They truly bring great energy, enthusiasm and rock vibes to their music, from the melodic guitar and lyrical lullaby of 'Pieces' to the highly charged, rockin' track of 'Venom'. Chatting with the band during their interview, the guys described themselves as more Hard Rock having started off as Pop Rock but have finally found their unique sound with the current line up, this in turn has led to EP releases and Album releases. The guys listed a few a of their favourite tracks to perform live including 'Psycho', ' Blackout', 'Venom', and 'Pieces'.

'Pieces' is a fantastic track, although it is one of their more ballad style tracks, it was the first one they wrote that broke the routine of how they would normally style their songs and it added something different to their music, making for the unique almost 'Stairway' sounding track. And wow!...It truly was amazing to listen to'. 'Psycho' is at the other end of their spectrum, a driving rhythm and pounding guitar riff, it really has that headbanging, move your feet feel to it. This is a band favourite as it's one they have reworked from their original style to the sound they have now, and they feel like it has been refined to the point that it is more of a track than what it was before. It was an absolutely fantastic set from these guys and led us nicely into our next band.

Lost Asylum, I have to say, these guys rocked!! Their sound is reminiscent of some of the more classic rock bands but with something more haunting and melodic about it. Based near Burgess Hill, this 5 piece band describe themselves as definite Hard Rock in style and they definitely were Hard Rock in performing too, managing to play their second gig of the night with us despite injuries!!! Inspired by a love of music, these guys have had a long road travelled with previous projects and personal life, but with their current line up and soon to be playing festivals , they still have fun and know how to Rock.

Their track 'Dysfunctional Me' is a blinding track. Being a band favourite to perform, it's dark and pounding rhythm and fantastic bass riffs really get you moving and the lyrics bring the whole track together and make it so enjoyable.' 'Show Me the Way' I truly enjoyed as it is a high energy track starting off with an amazing guitar solo, then the drums building up behind it, then exploding into the main riff and lyrics - true 'Rock'n'Roll' stuff. The guys were amazing on stage and definitely got the crowd engaged with them and their passion for music, "If you love it, you love it, if you don't, you don't!" Darren says.

Headlining the night we had Graces Collide, a 4 piece heavy rock band based near Brighton....and I was totally Rocked! With their high energy, heavy riff, melodic lyrics and amazing passion they certainly rock with a capital R! The guys were as fun off stage as they were on stage and I did have quite a few laughs with them during their interview, but you can definitely see they have true passion for what they do and it's not just about the girls!

Their track 'Run and Hide' is a band favourite to perform (mainly the guitarists as it has a big solo!). Kicking in straight away with a chunky riff it then gives way to the haunting vocals before rising again to a pounding tune, a little reminiscent of Alter Bridge, it definitely has something that draws you into the music, and then the guitar solo kicks in just before its all over and wow! 'Kraken' was another track I really enjoyed. Again starting off with an explosive riff it takes no prisoners!

The lyrics are melodic but have an underlying angry passion behind them, making for a soulful feel to the music. It really was a crowd pleaser with its headbanging solos and high energy vibes. They even treated us to an encore that they hadn't performed in a while so again gained a few laughs but they played flawlessly throughout it. These guys truly played an amazing, rockin' set and left us begging for more.

So when it was all over and the joint had been well and truly rocked, we kicked back to Metal Meyhem Radio's beats... I was still reeling from the Riot...

Well done to LARS for producing another amazing night, thanks to The Crown for hosting, massive thanks to all the bands for Kick Ass Rockin' sets and thanks to Metal Meyhem Radio for allowing me to interview these amazing guys and to write this blog.

Keep on Rockin'

Siobhan Trigg. \m/

This Article was writen by Siobhan Tigg from our partner Metal Meyhem Radio.

The original article can be found here. Article ©Metal Meyhem Radio 2017.


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