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L.A.R.S. Presents: Small Town Silence E.P Launch Party.

Being hosted at Bar42 in Worthing, this was new for me as I'd never been there, it's a great venue not much smaller than The Crown but perfect for an intimate gathering for all your fans if you were to gig there.

One of the support acts for the evening were brand new to the scene this being only their second gig. Tales of Autumn are a four piece band from Brighton and wow... Their performance totally blew us away! I honestly had a hard time believing it was only their second gig. The guys, although nervous, we're amazingly calm performing on stage. With influences ranging from melodic metal, hard tech, 80s sounds and hard rock, the singers vocals reminded us of Dio and Shaun Morgan, they truly have a unique sound about them. Coming up with new ideas all the time, writing about real life issues people don't normally want to talk about. Definitely a band to look out for!

The other support act, Andy and the Echoes, actually have a bit of history with Small Town Silence. When first starting out, Small Town Silence were the support act for them, giving them some of their first gigs so it was nice to see them playing a venue together again especially for an EP launch. I'll hand you over to my partner in crime for a run down on them...

So kicking off the evening were Andy and the Echoes, they opened their set strongly with a combination of powerful Pop-Rock songs and some gritty Grunge Rock, at one point I was expecting Chris Cornell to appear with Soundgarden!! They admitted that they hadn't played together for a little while as they didn't get an opening right, but in all honesty they covered it well, laughing at themselves and getting back on it. A really enjoyable set guys!!

So finally Small Town Silence took to the stage, well... they really made it a performance worth being at! From when we saw them last September, they have really tightened up their set list and their sound.The EPs title track, "Mr White", is fantastic (even came with free candy). Based on the series 'Breaking Bad' it is about drugs and drug use, but it is a crowd pleaser.

You can really see the guys enjoy playing this one, and it is well worthy of a title track, From the deep driving beats of Toni's bass and Ant's drums to the true grunge rhythm and sweeping lead solos of Scott's guitar and smooth vocals from Andy, combined altogether it really gets your feet moving and head bopping.

The band were really excited about the launch and that showed through in their performance. They had energy and they had fun.Other favourite tracks of theirs appeared in the set list including "Your Own Wonderland", based on Alice in Wonderland, it is a melodic riff with definite grunge undertones, and really got the crowd moving and joining in the energy of the evening especially when Scott and his guitar joined the crowd too.

The band are hoping to see themselves produce an album in the future, and I can't wait.

Thanks to Bar42 for hosting the evening, to the bands for their great performances, and of course to Metal Meyhem Radio for allowing me to interview the bands and write this blog.

This Article was writen by Siobhan Tigg from our partner Metal Meyhem Radio.

The original article can be found here. Article ©Metal Meyhem Radio 2016.

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