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Pretty Little Enemy Release New Video: 'Play By The Rules'.

Last week Minehead rockers Pretty Little Enemy dropped their new video to 'Play By The Rules' from their newest EP: 'Collide'.

Working again with Marianne Harris, who produced their previous video for their song 'Collide', Pretty Little Enemy teamed up again to produce this fantastic new video.

The Stage is set and ready for filming at the 1610 Gym. Image Copyright Louise Body

The video was recorded at the 1610 Gym in Minehead over a short couple of hours, and although only the one set is used, it makes for an impacting video. The band are on fire with Louise really showing her passion for the song and their music in general as the band rock out behind her.

The fast cuts of the video only add to the pace of the music, with moving shots reminiscent of any fan watching their live shows. The band work the camera as if it they were playing to a venue crowded full of their fans, keeping them captivated for every second. Check it out below:

Surprisingly the band had been busy before filming and when we caught up with Louise she said:

“The filming literally took a couple of hours. We had already been working on a project that took the beans right out of us earlier in the day so we were limbered up and ready to rock by time we hit the squash court to film. It was a bit weird for me to wear so much clothing during a shoot but it was quite refreshing! I kind of like grungy Louise! Afterwards we all went for the most massive meal together and me and Chops fell asleep at the table! Glamorous AF!”

Its easy to see that the band put their all into their videos and more importantly have a lot of fun making them too.

The song 'Play By The Rules' is featured on their newest EP: 'Collide', available on iTunes now through the link below:

Find out more about Pretty Little Enemy on their artist profile at:

Check out more of Marianne Harris' Work at:

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