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LARS Promotions Presents: Tidal Rave with Graces Collide and Grenades.

Here we are back again, Friday night, The Crown, Littlehampton , for the next LARS Promotions event. The Punk Rock Rave.

The title of the evening definitely sounded like it had something for everyone, so I was very intrigued as to what the night had to offer.

To start off the evening we had Grenades.

This four piece band hail from Worthing and describe themselves as Punk/Rock/Alternative "twisting pop music into a visceral frenzy, they pummel the audience with a combination of hooks and raw intensity, draped around themes of equality, submission, domination, sex, death, religion and self loathing."

Kicking off their set with a really chunky guitar riff followed by a fast paced back beat these guys took the stage by force.

The track 'Grenades' had a really catchy punk vibe to it, the raw sounding vocals along with the punchy riffs, you couldn't help but move your feet to this number.

The Track 'Teeth' started off with a Rage Against the Machine feel to it, the driving rhythm of the guitar riff and drum beat along with the style of vocals definitely lending themselves to that particular style. The chorus switched it up the though becoming more melodic and had a catchy hook to it to get the crowd joining in with the band rocking out.

The whole set was full of energy and passion from the guys on stage, they flowed easily from one track to the next giving a really tight knit performance and the crowd some fantastic beats to rock out too . Definitely recommend catching these guys live if you can!

Next up we had Graces Collide.

These guys are a 4 piece band from Brighton and are a returning act for this evening having rocked our stage last year.

They describe themselves as Hard rock with "Big chorus and hard hitting riffs mixed with catchy melodies and an unforgettable live show" and boy...they aren't wrong!

They kicked off with a melodic, growling riff over a floaty backing track before exploding into a fast paced beat and pounding rhythm.

The smooth, melodic vocals coupled with the chunky, heavy riffs of the band and sweeping solos really making 'This Hell' one of the harder rocking tracks of their set that really grabs the crowds attention, a fantastic opener!

Another track I really enjoyed was 'Fear Alone', This track starts off with a slow, melodic riff before launching into a driving back beat and heavy riff.

The pace of the track continues when the vocals kick in , again melodic but with a real passion and high energy behind them that catches your ears and draws you into the track. It's the kind of track I would describe as a driving of those tracks you put on full blast in your car to drive to and makes your journey enjoyable.

Their whole set was full of high energy, rocking beats and kick ass tunes like 'Kraken' and the above mentioned ones, the guys don't lie when they say it's an unforgettable live show. While their performance is really tight and well rehearsed the guys still have fun, joke with each other and flow effortlessly between tracks, it really is a blast to watch and rock to. If they're performing near you, definitely go and see them, you won't be sorry.

Lastly the evenings headliners Tidal Rave.

Now the clue is in the bands title here as to what to expect style wise.... These guys hail from another world (Brighton) and were really disappointed in the mainstream music they heard "so set out to become the worst band in the world as a means to maintain their title as the best band in the universe. To achieve this they mix the mind-numbingly repetitive dance figures of club music with the tragedy of prepubescent punk styles and as such are poised to be global mega-stars."

These guys are definitely not what you would expect at a rock event however they work! With the use of backing tracks, auto- tune and heavy rocking beats, catchy guitar riffs and uv paint and glow sticks they really put on a fantastic live, party show.

Opening the set with a poppy up beat track reminiscent of an old style gaming backing track, the vocals are more of a 00's dance track but then the guitars and drums give it that rocking edge and make you want to bounce along with them.

Launching into a track called 'Enchantress' straight after it kept the dance pace going and the crowds moving. This track has more of a swing beat behind it but the gritty guitar riff definitely gives it that rock edge especially with the sweeping solo in it. The vocals are fast and punchy and switch into that swing jazz style at times making this track really interesting to listen to and bop along with.

Another one I enjoyed was 'Lets Have Some Good Times', A fast paced, high energy, rave style number with a driving guitar riff over a dance, bass beat that straight away makes you want to jump along with the band. This was a really fun track and you could tell the band enjoy this one just as much as the crowd do with its catchy tune and upbeat feel.

The whole set was absolutely a blast , the guys energy on stage was relentless and their performance was amazing, we even got swept up into a conga line and 'dad' dancing! They really play up to the crowd and get them involved, the band definitely have some fun and jokes are a plenty within the breaks from the tunes which just adds to vibe of their set. Their style is definitely unique but one way we found to describe them was Daft Punkish but with added Rock. I absolutely recommend catching these guys live when they return to this planet, it's one hell of a show.

So after an encore and some tunes from Metal Meyhem Radio to finish of the evening, I was absolutely blown away with the amount of talent we'd had here tonight, such an eclectic mix but it made for an awesome night out!

Thanks to LARS Promotions for giving us this fantastic evening,

Thanks to The Crown for hosting us,

Thanks to Crimson Craft Audio for equipment hire,

Massive thanks to all the bands for completely rocking our world,

And thanks to Metal Meyhem Radio for allowing me to meet these fantastic people and to write this blog.

Don't forget to catch The LARS Live show on Metal Meyhem Radio to hear the live performances and the interviews with the bands. Sunday 30th Sept, 9pm, Metal Meyhem Radio .com , on mobile app or on DAB across the Portsmouth and Southcoast area, Channel 7D.

Also Catch the next offering from LARS Promotions on October 5th, 8.30pm, The Crown, Littlehampton.

Keep Rockin'


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