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LARS Promotions Presents: The Rock Riot featuring Icarus Falls with Troll Mother and Dead Letter.

Well here we are again friends, Friday night, The Crown, Littlehampton , for the latest LARS Promotions event. The Rock Riot.

The atmosphere was lively , the bands were pumped up, ready to rock this event on a very cold evening and I was looking forward to seeing what the LARS Promotions crew had treated us to this month.

First up we had Dead Letter.

This 3 piece band hail from Brighton and describe themselves as a "Desert/Stoner Rock Prog Grunge band . Creamy with a side of vanilla Sabbath blueberry twist... erm trust us, it actually sounds like that. "

Ok so we trusted them.... We listened ... And actually yeah, I could agree with that description ( well not so much the creamy vanilla blueberry bit....but the rest ;) )

Their set was well rehearsed and really flowed well from track to track , the guys energy on stage was pretty full on as they bounced around the stage to some of their fast paced, heavy riff tracks .

The track 'Atomic Tea Party' had a bit of a funky slower pace to it with its heavy bass riff and driving back beat , combined with the raw, screaming vocals and guitar riffs it was a really interesting track for me.

This is definitely a band you want to catch live as they play up to the crowd and draw them in making the set really enjoyable.

Next up we had Troll Mother.

This duo hail from both Fishbourne and Worthing and describe themselves as " Drug fuelled Lord of the rings / powersludge / Crack rock" ( their own words honest!) and it really was an interesting set.

Opening the set with a harsh story tale of trolls over a haunting backing melody , you get drawn in the words and atmosphere of what these guys are about .

They then launch into the first track with an explosion of heavy fast paced guitar riffs and pounding drum beats that hit you with a wow factor before heading back for some more of the story tale of battles and war. The vocals are gritty and powerful , lending themselves well to the theme of the music.

Throwing down some classic rock style power riffs throughout mixed with a sludgy/stoner sound definitely sets Troll Mother apart from any similar style bands and you can't quite pigeon hole them into one specific genre.

Flowing from one track to the next effortlessly, working in the tale of the trolls inbetween, the whole set was a journey through their story and definitely something to witness, the energy and passion on stage that these guys have is immense and they keep it up for the entire time.

I recommend seeing them if they are coming to a venue near you, it's an experience!

Last but not least we had Icarus Falls headlining the evening.

Based around Worthing/Brighton this 5 piece band describe themselves as "one of the UK's finest Hard Rock bands" and wow... They definitely are!!

From the start of the set where the drummer works up the crowd by standing on top of kit getting peoples attention before launching into their first track, to the last pounding rhythm of the track 'Need To Breathe' the bands energy is unrelenting and powerful and the whole set has you moving to their beats in true rock fashion.

The track 'Demons' from the latest ep Venom is a chunky riff, driving beats track filled with groove and wailing guitar solos. The passionate vocals and lyrics of this one flow around the melody and you can hear the real emotions that have gone into the writing.

Speaking of emotions, the track 'Protector' is full of it. The themes running through this one are very real and something the band feel strongly about such as against child abuse. As the band say ' things people go through and have no idea what to do' and 'giving a voice to the voiceless', people can relate to it.

Music wise it's a high energy, dark vibes track. The heavy guitar riffs and thumping rhythm along with melodic vocals give it that dark edge to add more meaning to the passionate lyrics.

During the set the band had a tribute to the late great Chester Bennington, the singer Doug and guitarist Harvey performed a rendition of Linkin Parks 'Pushing Me Away'. The duo slowed the track down and in an almost acoustic fashion performed it beautifully, it was filled with emotion and to be honest choked me up a little.

The whole set was absolutely rockin' and if these guys are performing near you, get down there and support them, you will be in for an evening of thumping good Hard rock!

So when it was all over we were kicking back to Metal Meyhem Radio's tunes and still reeling from the riot that this rock event had created.

Thanks to LARS Promotions for another fantastic event,

Thanks to The Crown for hosting,

Thanks to Crimson Craft Audio for equipment hire

Massive Thanks to all the bands for their awesome sets,

And lastly Thanks to Metal Meyhem Radio for allowing me to interview these fantastic people and write this blog.

Don't forget to check out the last LARS Promotions event of the year on Friday 7th December at The crown in Littlehampton 8.30pm.

See you there!


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