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LARS Promotions Presents: Punk-A-Palooza

Another Saturday night... Another offering from LARS Promotions. So here at The Crown, a small high street pub in the town of Littlehampton, I'm here waiting for the 3 bands that are playing here tonight to start rocking this place... The place is buzzing, fans are gathered, LARS Promotions are in full swing putting this into action... Metal Meyhem Radio are throwing some tunes our way in readiness...

First up we had Glove, a three piece band from right here in LA. They describe themselves as a grunge/rock/punk kinda sound with a lot of energy behind it, pulling inspiration from music they enjoyed growing up to, from 50's rock and roll to the heavier beats of today, you can hear these eclectic undertones throughout their music. The guys energy on stage was impressive from the start, completely at ease with one another the whole set felt well practiced and flowed brilliantly.

One of the tracks I enjoyed came from their debut EP 'Kill me, Heroin(e)'. 'I Don't Like It' is a slow paced track with a toe tapping, smooth bass and drum beat and an eerie guitar riff over the top, the lyrics are just as haunting with deep vocals threading their way through the beats. The guitar riff starts to get a bit chunkier as the track goes on, building up to the end when it takes on a heavier feel with a pounding beat and screaming vocals. A really intriguing track that had the crowd moving along with them. The whole set was amazing to watch and listen too, definitely ones to watch out for!

Next up we had Geezapunx, a 4 piece band hailing from Basingstoke. Describing their sound as slightly political and sticking to the '76 style punk classic sound, its quick, fast and punches hard, keeping the spirit alive. The guys told me during their interview that this was actually gig number 86 over a four year period for them, and that experience really shows in their set.

The energy is really alive in their performance, real fast paced, hard hitting, anti political numbers reminiscent of the punk era greats. The track they kicked off their set with called ' You're Getting On My Nerves' is an upbeat, punchy number with chunky bass beats, move your feet riffs and catchy lyrics, definitely one to get you in the punk mood. Another one I enjoyed was a track they'd written about a local lady, 'How Do You Solve A Problem Like Maria' is a pounding beat with gritty guitar and bass riffs and a melodic chorus.

Passionate lyrics add to the grittiness and raw feel of the track, but again it's one that gets you moving to the catchy beat. The guys performance was highly charged yet fun, the crowd definitely getting swept along and enjoying themselves with the band, singing along with their brand of catchy lyrics. Fantastic set.

So headlining the evening we had Sweet Jonny, a 4 piece band originally from Burgess Hill, but a bit more scattered about these days. Described as a gutter garage rock band, they've definitely got a bit of punk, a few metal elements and a dash of rock'a'billy in there too. Pulling inspiration from life on the road, strange things, friends and people they've met along the way, all their tracks have a slightly different feel to them to give variation to their music.

The track 'Private Gentlemans Club' kicked off their set with a funky beat filled with chunky bass riffs, sweeping guitar sounds and grungey/gritty vocals. You got that hint of rock'a'billy sound to this one, getting the crowd to draw closer and dance with them. A real crowd pleaser. Another track I enjoyed and got me moving was a newer one of theirs 'Pay The Piper'. Kicking off with a fast paced beat, screaming guitar riff and those gritty raw vocals, it had a more punky feel to it with a garage rock sound. Definitely a toe tapping number with sweeping guitar solos and kickin' beats.

The guys absolutely had a party on stage (despite throat infections), their energy was amazing and never let up either. We had a blast watching them perform, definitely rocked the place! So when it was all over and we were carrying on the party with Metal Meyhem's tunes, I totally felt all punked out but in a good sense that was well worth it.

Thanks to the LARS Promoions for another fantastic line up of bands, thanks to The Crown for hosting, thanks to Crimson Craft Audio for enabling us to have some awesome sound, massive thanks to the bands for their rockin' sets, and thanks to Metal Meyhem Radio for allowing me to interview these fabulous people and to write this blog.

Rock on!


Siobhan Trigg x

This Article was writen by Siobhan Tigg from our partner Metal Meyhem Radio.

The original article can be found here. Article ©Metal Meyhem Radio 2017.


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