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LARS Promotions Presents: Icarus Falls with Ariandelle and The Lucky Scars, 5th April 2019.

Hello Friends, apologies for the delay on this show report, got a little snowed under with holidays and what not.

The first Friday of April we caught another 3 amazing bands at the LARS Promotions event at The Crown in Littlehampton.

Looking at the line up, we knew it was going to be a night of kick ass tunes.

First up we had The Lucky Scars.

These guys Hail from Southampton and describe themselves as "Punk Rock, With songs catchier than the plague."

Launching into a catchy, toe tapping track 'Anthem' the band set the pace of the high energy set. The track had a punchy beat, gritty vocals and a definite old school punk feel to the lyrics.

The Track 'Blissfully unaware' was a slightly slower paced track, but still had a funky back beat, melodic guitar riffs and raw vocals. The band describe the track as " a bit like the plot to sixth sense but better and without Bruce willis"

Their whole set was filled with great tunes, banter and a fantastic cover of 'Pina Colada' that really got the crowd dancing. Definitely a band worth catching live if they're playing near you.

Up next we had Ariandelle.

This 3 piece band are based in Worthing and describe themselves as "Low level Prog metal from the breezy coast"

Having caught up with the band almost exactly a year bar one day ago at a LARS Promotions event, we were keen to see the band back in action on this stage.

The band kicked off their set with a melodic, yet heavy track 'Tengu'. The vocals on this one are a mix of clean and heavy with the fast paced riffs and back beat giving you a track to bang your head to.

The Track 'Kabu To Carnage' started off with a really melodic, sweeping guitar riff before launching into a heavy sound briefly then goes melodic again with raw but soulful vocals over the top. This track definitely captures the unique sound that these guys have.

The bands set is very high energy and powerful, but the band also keep it light engaging the crowd inbetween tracks. They also gel together really well on stage and flow through the tracks effortlessly, you can see they have a real connection as a band.

To experience their unique sound, absolutely catch them live if you can.

Lastly we had Icarus Falls.

Based on the South Coast, this 5 piece band describe themselves as "a hard hitting rock band" and boy, their tracks really do pack a punch!

The guys have graced our stage a couple of times before , but they just seem to rock harder everytime! From their first track to the last, their energy is immense on stage and you can see why these guys are picking up slots at festivals.

Kicking off with the track 'Burning Tree', one of their newer releases, the band turned up the dial to 11 and let loose. The track is a real punchy track with a pounding beat and rocking riffs, at one point the guitarists trade solos off each other too. Definitely a crowd pleaser track to get you moving.

'Broken Halo' is another catchy tune with a driving rhythm that moves your feet and powerful vocals. The heavy guitar riffs have a melodic tone to them as well which gives a slightly bluesy/ southern rock feel to the track. Again its a headbanging, join in the chorus with the band jam.

The band also performed a cover of the mellow track 'Street Spirit' to slow the mood down , and being a completely different style of track to what the band usually perform, they managed to make this cover their own, the haunting riffs and soulful vocals fit within the set beautifully.

The whole set was absolutely kick ass rock with the high energy and thumping tunes that these guys have, You have to see these guys live!

So after the bands had rocked us, we kicked back to some tunes from Metal Meyhem Radio to finish out the evening.

Thanks to LARS Promotions for another amazing event,

Thanks to The Crown for hosting,

Thanks to Crimson Craft Audio for equipment hire,

Massive thanks to all the bands for their awesome sets and a rockin' night,

And Thanks to Metal Meyhem Radio for allowing me to chat with these amazing people and write this show report.

Keep Rockin'


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