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LARS Promotions event featuring Tidal Rave with Blackfeather, 1st February 2019.

It's the first Friday of the month and you know what that means.... It's time for another LARS Promotions event.

Transforming The Crown in Littlehampton once again with stage, lights and atmosphere we were all in for a really good night for a cold February.

Unfortunately due to weather conditions, the opening act was unable to join us, however the two remaining acts were absolutely amazing and played longer sets for us.

First up was Blackfeather

This 3 piece band are from Brighton and describe themselves as Punk/Metal "delivering high energy performances that get the crowd going."

Exploding into their opening track "Hunting Season", these guys were full of energy and the track had hard hitting riffs, a pounding drum beat and punky, yet growling vocals. You can definitely see where the blend of the two genres come into play with this track from the start.

'Skeletons and Wolves' is another fast paced track but with a little more of a thrash yet funky tone to it. The track has some epic guitar solos in it along with that thrashing back beat and raw, fast vocals.

The whole set was absolutely a blast and I was just in awe of the guys immense energy on stage. They had a few slower paced numbers in there but they still put all of their energy and style into them which had the crowd up and rocking out with them throughout. I highly recommend you catch this band live they put on a hell of a performance!

So to headline this energetic evening we had Tidal Rave.

This band truly are from another world and in their words "First appearing on Earth in 2012 Tidal Rave have been carrying out their mission to provide a raving good time to all beings they come across"

Rave at a rock gig? Well hell yeah it works! The guys put on an astounding performance complete with fluffy hats, auto- tune and heavy rocking beats, catchy guitar riffs, and glow sticks galore.

Opening the set (party) with 'Carpe Diem ( I Totally Feel Like Singing)' this track had you moving from start with it's funky beat, rocking riffs and catchy lyrics. The band got down to groove straight away with the party vibe of this track.

Keeping the party going, the track 'Rainfall' starts of with a poppy backing track that gets your toes tapping before the heavier riffs of the guitar come in with a real funky bass beat. The band even threw in the opening lyrics from the pokemon theme tune, and lets face it...everyone sang along coz you know...pokemon's amazing. ;)

The crowd were also challenged at one point to see who could do the "most outrageous drunk uncle dancing at a wedding" during 'System Overload'. This track started off with a heavy yet groovy riff with robotic sounding backing then went into a funky dance beat. The track speeds up towards the end getting the crowd to bounce along with the band. They call this a new genre of music ... Durpstep. Truly an explosive track.

The whole set was amazing and an absolute killer of a party. The guys energy was so high they could barely contain it and the singer and guitarist regularly stepping down from the stage to party with the crowd or form a conga line or cuddle puddle. This band is just so much fun to rock out with, having a fair few jokes with the crowd and each other, you are swept away in a sea of glow sticks and dance beats. Definitely go and see this band if you can, you won't be disappointed!

So when the rave was over we kicked back to Metal Meyhem Radio tunes and came down from our party high before heading home with the glow sticks lighting our way.

Thanks to LARS Promotions for an Awesome evening,

Thanks to The Crown for hosting,

Thanks to Crimson Craft Audio for equipment hire

Massive thanks to the bands for giving us a night to remember

And lastly thanks to Metal Meyhem Radio for allowing me to chat with these fabulous people and to write this blog.

Keep Rockin'


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