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LARS Promotions Presents: Killatrix with Reawaken and Cyanide Sundae

We're back!, It's Friday night and it's gonna be a real hot one in The Crown in Littlehampton with the LARS Promotions event.

This month the guys have a killer line up for us music fans, I'm literally itching to get the night started and listen to three more amazing bands.

First up, Cyanide Sundae.

This 3 piece band hailing from Worthing/Bognor Regis describe themselves as a Unique hard rock band.

Their set kicked straight off with a fast paced, thunderous number that immediately got the crowd interested and down to the front of the stage area.

The whole set was filled with upbeat numbers including their latest single 'Bleed' which is a hard hitting, pounding rhythm, scorcher of a track. It Features James Dawson from the band Bleed Again, which I had the pleasure of catching up with a couple of months ago during their appearance at a LARS Promotions event.

Another track of theirs I enjoyed was 'Rage'. This is quite a unique track for the band as the lead vocalist actually downs guitar and hand over the riffs and beat to just the drummer and bassist. Definitely an interesting one as it gives the lead vocalist a chance to really let go with his voice and wow... It was absolutely a thumping track.

The guys were such naturals to the stage and the set flowed effortlessly with room for a bit of humour mixed in with the professionalism.

Next up, Reawaken.

Now this 5 piece Alternative rock band from Southampton are actually familiar faces to us here.

Having performed at an event last year under their old name the guys have gone through a major rebrand since and released two of their singles into the world.

The description of alternative rock is definitely a fitting one as their music is influenced by many different genres as are the band themselves from bands such as Black Stone Cherry and Guns 'N' Roses to musicals.

Setting their own scene on the stage with atmospheric lighting and smoke the set kicked of with eerie piano tones and haunting guitar notes before building up the drums and the rest of the guitars. The melodic yet haunting vocals come in after a bit of an instrumental and wow... The Singer Meg as an amazing range on her and her voice flows through the track titled 'C.R.A.W.L'. Accompanied with a driving rhythm and chunky riffs this was a defining opening track.

The track 'If You Only Knew' ,which was the debut release for the band, opens in a similar way with haunting guitar tones and melodic vocals before the chorus explodes at you with heavier beats and powerful vocals and definitely gives the band that alternative sound.

The guys have absolutely tightened and refined their set since we last caught them and the addition of adding their own lighting and effects shows they have really upped their game, If they're playing near you soon definitely catch a show if you can.

Lastly, the headliners of the evening Killatrix.

This 4 piece band have come all the way from Southend-on -sea, with a brand new drummer and describe themselves as a mixture of rock, electro and metal.

An interesting sounding mix....but wow does it work!!

Starting off the set with a funked up mix of a classical track they then explode into a dance-y beat and chunky riffs that immediately gets you grooving with them. 'Supersonic' is exactly that... It's a real get off your seat and bounce track, high energy and pounding riffs to get the party started.

Another track I enjoyed was 'Centipede'. Kicking off with a deep, driving beat before the vocals kick in with an almost Rage Against The Machine feel to them. The whole track has that kinda vibe to it, you just wanna sit up, join in and sing along to the pounding lyrics whilst banging your head with the band.

Finishing off the high energy, fast paced set with a track called 'Broken Teeth' the band revealed that this is actually going to be the next single/video that they are going to be releasing.

It's another get up and groove track filled with melodic vocals, heavy riffs and funky beats. I don't think there was anyone stood still for this one.

The whole set was an absolute blast! The guys presence on stage was so full of energy, they weren't staying still at all through it, it was relentless. Everybody was bouncing along with the band to the raw beats and electronic thump they were hitting us with. Absolutely on my list to see and party with again!

So when it was all over, the pub was buzzing with the energy we had just witnessed and I can definitely say it had been a Rock Riot!

Thanks to LARS Promotions for this amazing evening,

Thanks to The Crown for hosting,

Thanks to all the bands for completely rockin' us out,

Thanks to Crimson Craft Audio for Equipment hire,

And Thanks to Metal Meyhem Radio for allowing me to chat and party with these amazing people and write this blog.

Keep Rockin'

Squirrel xx

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