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LARS Promotions event featuring Junkyard Sons with Bad Billy Band and Across The Sea.

Hello friends, Another Friday night, Time for another LARS Promotions event!

The crew had transformed The Crown in Littlehampton once again with stage, lights and atmosphere and going by the line up we were in for a bit of the blues..... Music wise that is not mood wise ...

First up we had newcomers to the LARS Promotions stage, Across The Sea.

This duo come from Worthing and describe themselves as a "Genre-defying Progressive Duo" and are definitely something different.

With a mix of melodic vocals, breathy effects and heavy guitar riffs , their set is something to get drawn into and swept away with the music.

Opening their set with the track 'Immortal Skies', you are immediately grasped by the melodic guitar riff and backing effects before the soulful vocals float in. The different dynamics between the music and the vocals really bring the track together, the lightness and range of the vocals with the darkness of the heavier parts of the track and guitar riffs really get you listening and drawn into the experience of their set.

The duos whole set was filled with tracks that were different, music wise, some more upbeat than others, some having a more folk feel, some having more classical guitar work however flowed together effortlessly. You definitely need to hear this duo live to share in the experience of their unique music.

Next up was Bad Billy Band

This Worthing based 5 piece band describe themselves as "an original folk/rock mixture with a lively sound." and wow their music really has some oomph to it.

The bands on stage presence oozes professionalism but they still have some fun while performing their set of rockin' beats.

Opening up their set with the track with the track 'Tavern Tales' (very apt as we're in a pub) a very bluesy with a hint of country beat, toe tapping one that got the crowd moving. The punchy lyrics and vocals get the folks singing along with the chorus also.

The track 'London Gunslinger' is a newer one for these guys. The track is more relaxed yet still has a rock vibe to it with funky bass beats and driving rhythm to it. Wailing guitar solos and harmonic vocals give it a more 60's lighter rock sound, but still with a hint of the blues as well.

The bands whole set was energetic and filled with a mixture of styles but all worked well together to make an amazing set that you can't help tap your feet, sing along and groove with the band. Definitely a band to catch live if they're performing near you.

Last but not least, we had Junkyard Sons.

This 6 piece band hailing from Worthing way are still the band with most members that we've had perform on the L.A.R.S promotions stage and they have a big sound to go with it as well.

Describing themselves as "All Original Blues Rock" their music transports you away in your mind to somewhere across the pond in a smokey little bar with lots of bourbon.

They kicked off their set with the never performed live track 'Less Said' , a straight up down and dirty blues number with a driving bass beat, raw vocals and chunky guitar riffs. This track set the pace for the whole set and got the crowds attention.

Another track I enjoyed was 'Gold' . This track has more overdriven guitar riffs and a thumping back beat. The gritty yet soulful vocals and harmonica infills really give this one a more southern blues feel and you can't help but tap your toes to it.

Their whole set was passionate and energetic ( well as energetic as they could be given the space on stage) and the rockin' blues tracks just flowed effortlessly together. Absolutely a band to see live, you won't be disappointed.

All to soon the event was done and we kicked back to a few tunes from Metal Meyhem Radio to wind down the night.

Thanks to L.A.R.S Promotions for another amazing event,

Thanks to The Crown for hosting,

Thanks to Crimson Craft Audio for equipment hire,

Massive Thanks to all the bands for their blinding sets,

And lastly Thanks to Metal Meyhem Radio for giving me this opportunity to chat with these amazing bands and to write this blog.

Keep Rockin'


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