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LARS Promotions Event featuring Aren Drift with Tales Of Autumn and Charged.

Friday night, The Crown, Littlehampton and we're back for the last LARS Promotions event of 2018.

The crew had organised one hell of a line up to end this year with a resounding bang! And it was a double whammy for me as I was also celebrating my husbands birthday ;)

Kicking off the evening we had Charged.

Based in Worthing, they describe themselves as a hard hitting-take no prisoners Rock/Metal 4 piece from the south coast. We play music we enjoy playing and listening to, to us there's no other way, And I couldn't agree more because as soon as they started off the set it was clear it was going to be a rocking performance that completely gripped the crowd.

They kicked off with their track 'Kill The Reign' , A fast paced track with chunky guitar riffs and driving bass and drum beats. Along with the powerful vocals, this is definitely a track to get the crowd moving and fantastic set opener.

The track 'Kings And Queens' is a slightly slower paced , heavy guitar riffs and raw punchy vocals. This is an absolutely headbanging track you just can't help but sing along to the chorus with the band.

Their whole set was full of pounding, driving beats and the guys energy on stage was full on, not letting up during the well rehearsed set. The tracks flowed effortlessly and gave off a professional vibe that shows the level that guys are at. They definitely raised the bar for the other acts to follow.

Next up we had Tales Of Autumn.

This 4 piece band from Brighton describe themselves as a Progressive Rock/Metal band and they graced our stage a little over a year ago now having released their debut album and have played various festivals in the meantime. If you've managed to listen to their debut album 'In Madness We Trust' then you'll understand why the mix of both progressive rock and metal work extremely well together, if you haven't managed to listen to it yet....I highly recommend you do.

The band opened their set with the track 'Clash'. This track starts off slowly with melodic guitar riffs before building up the drum beats and then the soulful vocals come in over the top. The track then changes into a faster pace with a driving rhythm but still with those soulful vocals that draw you in, you can't help but rock out to this one.

They also played the first track they ever wrote together, which they (well Tom) said is not cool but I beg to differ. 'In The Dark' starts off with slow, haunting vocals and a simple guitar backing before exploding into a heavy riff and driving drum beat. Stefanos' vocals are so passionate and powerful in this track and really give the track a different dynamic to other similar heavy tracks.

The guys on stage performance was full of passion and high energy, their set was really tight and well rehearsed making it a fantastic performance to watch and listen to. Absolutely a band worth catching live if they are playing near you.

Headlining the evening were Aren Drift.

This Brighton based band describe themselves as prog rock but with a

distinctive style brings together classic rock with lots of international influences, heavy melodic riffs, unique contralto vocals and original music progressions.

Aren Drift graced our stage back in April this year and in those 8 months have been extremely busy releasing their debut single and music video for 'Snow Queen' plus being very active in the live gig scene as well as having a new bassist come on board.

The track 'Snow queen' starts off with a haunting yet melodic guitar intro with breathy vocals then launches into a heavy riff, pounding back beat and Radka's vocals, powerful and passionate over the top. The track then changes slightly going into a more melodic style before building back up to that pounding rhythm and sweeping guitar solos.

Another track I personally like is 'Passion Kills' . I've spoken about this one before but it still holds the same effect now as it did the last time I caught the band live.

It comes away slightly from their progressive sound and is heavier with passionate, fiery vocals. Radka puts down her guitar for this track to put all her worth into the vocals which gives this one a real twist to it and she can truly show her energy on stage.

Their whole set was passionate, hauntingly soulful and full of high energy. The band give such an incredible performance on stage it is definitely worth catching them at a gig. During their interview they hinted at bigger things and more gigs coming up in 2019 and we definitely can't wait to see what they have up their sleeves for then.

So when the event was over, we were kicking back to some Metal Meyhem Radio tunes and all I can say is Wow! This years events have been an absolute blast and I cannot wait to see what the LARS Promotions crew have in store for us next year.

Thankyou to LARS Promotions for another fantastic event,

Thankyou to The Crown for hosting,

Thankyou to Crimson Craft Audio for equipment hire,

Massive Thanks to all the bands for their blinding performances,

And lastly, Thanks to Metal Meyhem Radio for allowing me to chat with these amazing people and to write this blog.

Don't forget to check out the first LARS Promotions event of 2019 on Friday the 4th January at The Crown in Littlehampton, 8.30pm.

Have a very Merry Christmas and Rockin' New Year friends,


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