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L.A.R.S. Presents: The LARS Showcase

So here in Littlehampton at our local rock venue The Crown, the Littlehampton Alternative Rock Society have certainly been no fools in putting on another great night - although a certain post on their event page, advertising a 4th band as a last minute addition did baffle me for a while until I clocked the name of the band - Non Existent... So after me admitting to falling for that one, I was more than ready to rock out to some amazing bands.

First up we had The Hellfire Club, a 3 piece band based around Brighton. This was the first time that they had played Littlehampton after forming just over a year ago and wow! what a performance, they really gave a rocking set. The energy they had was immense , especially the lead singer/bassist - he couldn't stay in one place for the whole set, bouncing about all over the stage. Describing themselves as loud, vicious, big riffs, raw rock, you can tell their influences hail from big 80's rock bands.

I really enjoyed the track "This Is Living" as it starts off slowly building up the guitar and bass, then the beat with the drums before unleashing some pretty soulful lyrics and melody, then exploding into the chorus. The whole track drew me in right away, definitely something I would listen to again.

Despite having some technical issues (which they handled brilliantly) they followed on with the track "Man on Fire". Again I really enjoyed this one as it had a bit of a funky beat behind the melodic lyrics of the verses and a real chunky riff to the chorus - yes , there was clapping involved too before the awesome guitar solo kicks in. You can't help but move your feet to this one. Their whole set was a blast and left the crowd wanting more.

Next up we had Spindlefish, a 5 piece band from Southhampton and again newcomers to the Littlehampton venue. In fact Meg, the vocalist, has never even visited the town before. Describing themselves as alternative rock with a hint of metal, they certainly lived up to that with their amazing set, with Meg being classically trained you can definitely hear a hint of Evanescence influence in their sound.

The track they opened up their set with "If You Only Knew", started off with a smooth, haunting guitar riff before giving over to deep passionate lyrics. It then rocketed into a real belting chorus with a driving beat behind it. Such a fantastic set opener as it grabbed the crowds attention immediately.

I really liked the track "Hello" too. Beginning with a bit more of a subdued, raw guitar riff and melodic lyrics before the main chorus kicks in, its full of high energy and massive riffs - a little reminiscent of Skunk Anansie to me if I'm honest - a real intense track.

The whole set was brilliant, filled with vigorous, soulful tracks including their own take of "I Put A Spell On You" which was fantastic, these guys really rocked us all.

Headlining the evening was Stone Angels. This 4 piece band based in Brighton describe themselves as a hard hitting, rock 'n' rolling, hard rock band and although this is the first time they've played The Crown with their current line up, originally one of Stone Angels first gigs was here many moons ago. Immediately kicking off their set with a fast paced, high energy number, they didn't let up on that passion for the remaining tracks. Likening themselves to bands like Black Stone Cherry and Alterbridge, you can really hear these influences in their sound.

One of their tracks that I really enjoyed was one of the bands newer tracks "Over The Edge". Again a high energy tune with a fast beat and chunky rock riffs, it was hard not to move to this one. The lyrics were melodic but also had a fiery edge to them while the guitar and bass riffs just kept that energy going right through the track. (Not surprised that people ended up with blisters on their fingers from playing that one!)

They did bring it down a notch for the following song "Fine Day" but it was no less passionate. Starting off with a slight distorted guitar riff and dulcet lyrics, it then gets a bit more rocky and heavy with that hard rock sound coming in but keeping the melodic lyrics and lead guitar. You can hear the Alterbridge influence in this one. The guys definitely gave us a set to remember and obviously enjoyed themselves on stage too as there was an amazing vibe between them and the confidence and passion for their music swept us all up with them. Awesome stuff guys!

So after it was all over with and we kicked back to Metal Meyhem Radio's tunes, I reflected back on the whole evening and realised that anyone who didn't enjoy those 3 amazing bands was the april fool - definitely not me!! Another big well done to the Littlehampton Alternative Rock Society for producing the evening, Thanks to The Crown for hosting, Huge thanks to all the bands for rocking out with us, and thanks to Metal Meyhem Radio for giving me the chance to interview these amazing people and to write this blog.


Siobhan Trigg x

This Article was writen by Siobhan Tigg from our partner Metal Meyhem Radio.

The original article can be found here. Article ©Metal Meyhem Radio 2017.

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