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L.A.R.S. Presents: Charged plus Supports

Agitated? Nah...we're charged up and ready to rock!

Littlehampton, 8th July '17, The Crown pub, fans are gathering, they're here for one reason... The Littlehampton Alternative Rock Society's event night... Let the rockin' begin.

First up we had Agitated, a three piece instrumental band based in Worthing. These guys describe themselves as influenced by Muse and guitar heavy similar riffs. Being that this was only their second gig, having only formed with this line up late 2016, I was quite keen to see them perform. On stage the guys were well rehearsed and had a fantastic energy behind their playing. One track they played was a muse cover and although there wasn't any lyrics, they really threw themselves into it and you could tell they just enjoyed playing the technical riffs and fast paced beats.

Their own track ' Unapprehended' is another fast tempo track with a driving beat and complex guitar and bass riffs. You can hear the Muse style sneaking through but it was a fantastic track and the guys looked so at ease playing it. Although they are a three piece at the moment, they are on the hunt for a vocalist to add that last dimension to their music, so any budding vocalists out there get in touch via the bands Facebook page.

Next up we had Pensevor, a four piece band hailing from Farnborough mainly. Performing together for 5 (ish) years now, the guys describe themselves as sludge/doom metal. An interesting one for me as , I'll be honest here, I've not really listened to much of this genre, so again I was very intrigued to hear them.

Their track 'Euphoria' is a real, deep bass track with a chugging rhythm and poetic lyrics. I enjoyed this one as there was something about it that drew you in and kept you there, diving into euphoria with the band.

Another track I enjoyed was 'Totem' . This had a deep, almost haunting riff to it with a driving, hypnotic drum beat and bass riff, while the guitar came in over the top with this eerie melodic sound. The lyrics were slightly mournful yet passion filled which added to the haunting feel of it. The whole set was amazing and so different from what I'm used to but the guys definitely pulled the crowd in and were a pleasure to watch perform.

Lastly we were ready for Charged, a four piece band based in Worthing. Returning to The Crown after about 5 years with a different line up, the guys were enthusiastic to be back supporting the Littlehampton Alternative Rock Society. Describing themselves as a hard hitting, LA style rock band, you can definitely hear those classic rock tones in their music. The guys performance was full of energy and passion and absolutely had us toe tapping and rocking out with them, you could tell they were having a blast too.

The track they opened their set with was a little bit more punky from the classic rock style but wow, what a beat! Sharp, passionate lyrics, punchy drum beat, followed with a funky bass riff and toe tapping guitar rhythm really got the crowd in the rocking mood from the word go, fun stuff! Another track I enjoyed was 'Kill the reign'. Kicking straight off with a fast paced driving rhythm from the bass and drums, the guitar comes screaming over the top with a chunky riff followed by the lyrics. It then all changes for a bit to become a deeper, harder beat with darker lyrics before kicking back into the main riff again. A real head banging, move your feet track.

Their set was absolutely a blast to watch and listen to and the guys completely rocked us, even got a rendition of Placebo's 'Nancy boy' to round off the evening. So when it was all over and we were still in the rockin' mood with Metal Meyhem Radios tunes, I can definitely say I was not agitated but very much charged up from this awesome night. Thanks to the Littlehampton Alternative Rock Society for organising another fantastic night, thanks to The Crown for hosting,massive thanks to all the bands for their awesome sets, and thanks to Metal Meyhem Radio for allowing me to interview these amazing people and write this blog.

Rock on!


Siobhan Trigg x

This Article was writen by Siobhan Tigg from our partner Metal Meyhem Radio.

The original article can be found here. Article ©Metal Meyhem Radio 2017.


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