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Help Musicians UK Launch 24h Helpline for the Music Industry.

Yesterday saw the launch of the Help Musicians UK helpline. The Service called 'Music Minds Matter' is aimed at helping those in all aspects of the music industry. The charity had previously pledged to set up such a service and it is now live.

The charity was set up in 1921 by friends of distinguished Tenner Gervase Elwes after his death in a train accident. During his life he had shown alot of compassion to other musicians and a fund was set up in his name. The charity aims to help those in the music industry in a manour of ways. Their first aim was to provide support for those in the industry suffering from tradgies or serious illness. Throughout their growth this has extended to helping those up-and-coming acts and artists across all genres of the music industry by way of loans and offering oppertunities to them, to those retiring from the industry and supporting them in their later lives.

0808 802 8008 is FREE to call. 24 hours, 7 Days a Week.

In recent years the need for more awareness and help for those suffering with mental illness has prompted HMUK to look into supporting those with these silent conditions. On the 4th of December they launced their new 24 hour phone line to support those suffering called 'Music Minds Matter'. This service is a free to call service aimed to help and advise anyone in need in the industry. The campain was launched after the death of Linkin Park's Chester Bennington, and as a response to the UK's need for more help with those suffering with mental illness after a 22% increase in requests for help from musicians and others in the music industry.

Chester Bennington who tragically took his own life in July after struggling to come to terms with the death of friend Chris Cornell in May. image (c) Gansb

The death of Chris Cornell in May followed by Chester Bennington in July shocked the music industry, highlighting that mental illness can and does affect people in all walks of life. Dave Grohl spoke on the supject of depression, and when asked about the deaths of Chris and Chester he said “I think that mental health and depression is something people should take seriously. There’s a stigma attached to it, which is unfortunate. Just as you take care of yourselves in every other way, I think it’s important that people really try to take care of themselves in that way.” Foo Fighters bandmate Taylor Hawkins was there with Grohl during the interview and continued; “It just goes to show you, it doesn’t matter what’s in your bank account, or how many hits are on your YouTube page, all that kind of crap, it all goes out the window if, like Dave said, you’re not feeling right.”

The charity can be contacted on its new freephone number 0808 802 8008 can call day or night, 24 hours a day, 7 Days a week, or by emailing, however they do state there could be up to 24 hour turnaround on replying to emails.

As human beings it is our duty to look out for each other and know when others are in need. In the words of Taylor Hawkins; “Look after yourself, and if it looks like someone is down, way down, check up on them.” A sentiment i know all of us can relate to.

Help Musiscions is a UK based charity. For more information please visit:

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