• Siobhan Trigg


Well here we are, another very warm Friday night with the LARS Promotions crew and Metal Meyhem Radio team ready to bring us another 3 amazing bands to the stage.

The venue is buzzing with early summer vibes and I can't wait to see what this months offering has in store for us.

First up Jokers Parade.

This duo formed in Sept 2017 and have a definite unique sound about them only having a guitar and drums . They describe themselves as something that's fresh, dynamic and exciting in the rock/alternative genre but pull their influences from a much wider range of music.

Kicking off their set with a toe tapping beat and powerful vocals the track had a bit of a grunge feel to it with a raw guitar sound.

The track the picks up pace for the ending giving it an interesting finish. Brilliant way to kick off a set.

Another track I enjoyed was 'Rummy'.

Starting of with a funky guitar riff with a slight bluesy feel when the vocals came in its a real move your feet track. The raw feel to the lyrics give it a gritty undertone while the thumping drum beat keeps you drawn in to it right until the end.

Each track in the set is completely different to the one before it , they weren't joking when they said they pulled inspiration from all over the place. I definitely recommend seeing these guys live as they do put on a fantastic show and have a huge sound for the duo that they are!

Next up we had Victus

This 4 piece band hail from Portsmouth and although they jumped in for us last minute they definitely left a lasting memory!

Our very own JayRock describes them as "a unique blend of Doom, Southern Blues and a dash of something darker" and you can definitely hear the influences of bands they like within the mix.

Kicking off their set with a real dark, heavy clash of guitars, drums and growling vocals they caught the crowds attention immediately.

After the dark intro they launched into a fast paced just as heavy number with powerful vocals and a pounding beat called 'Singularity'. The track continued to keep up the high energy with the lead singer bouncing all about the stage and had their victums banging their heads to the tune.

Another track I enjoyed was 'Hell' . Again another high energy track to keep people moving but this one had more of the southern rock feel to it with chunky, catchy guitar riffs and a toe tapping beat.

The vocals ,although while still having that raw sound, had a slightly more soulful feel to them giving it a more dynamic sound.

Definitely a track to listen too with the southern style guitars solos and thumping bass riffs.

The guys energy on stage was as relentless as the heat in the venue! The set flowed effortlessly despite this however, how the guys didn't melt away is beyond me... Definitely a unique band, if you catch them at a show then do so you won't be disappointed!

Suddenly the stage was plunged into darkness and some eerie guitar notes came floating over us before exploding into a savage message for all of us to hear..... Terraborn had taken over the venue and were calling us to join the Terraborn army...

This 5 piece post apocalyptic metal band hail from the world of Terra and describe each live show as the soundtrack to destruction in their rise against 'The Fallen'.

Launching into the hard hitting, raging track of 'Dragon' we were totally blown away with the huge sound from these guys. The brutal vocals with the wailing, chunky guitar riffs flowing through this thumping track was absolutely a killer way to kick off their set.

The track 'Modern World' started off with the sounds of gunfire as an undertone with haunting guitar riffs and the slow rise of cymbals over the top. The fast paced guitar solos kick in with the screaming vocals before unleashing into a heavy, driving rhythm with darker vibes. Very fitting considering the lead singer describes the track as being about sin..

It truly was an experience their live set, their theatrical show pulls you into their world of war, survival and epic battles.

The energy and passion that these guys have put into the performance is intense. They definitely rocked the crowd and the venue.

So when Terraborn had departed the scene and we were left with the sounds of air raid sirens in our ears, I can absolutely say we went to war and back again with them.

Thanks to LARS Promotions for another amazing event,

Thanks to The Crown for hosting,

Thanks to Crimson Craft Audio for equipment hire,

Massive thanks to all the bands for treating us to some epic performances,

And thanks to Metal Meyhem Radio for allowing me to meet these amazing people and write this blog.

Keep on rockin',

Squirrel x

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