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Across The Sea New Album: The Wayfarer Triptych

Usually, I listen to music majoritively on the way to work. If I am going to be reviewing it, I also find myself jotting down a few notes as I go, then collecting my thoughts together after a full listen. That said, with this album, the process was a little different.

When I first put on the album, I was immediately imposed. It starts out with an ethereal atmospheric beginning which then builds and builds, with the tension rising until all l could do was to simply note the words "Holly Fuck". I couldn't do anything else other than to stop listening. I had to come back later to give this album the time it needs to be heard and shine. Even now though, I don't think I can sum up this album any better than those two words.

This album is an excellent piece of music, nay art! With the power of Hannah Katy Lewis' vocals combined with the Pete Fergusons guitars layered, and orchestrated to dare I say perfection. One track I found particularly impressive was 'Nightfall in the Labyrinth'. This track has such frantic energy that really does bring you the feelings of being trapped and desperate, not knowing what way to turn, however, the album as a whole is a jurney that deserves your full attention. to appreciate this album to its fullest, you need to get yourself some headphones or a big old set of speakers, set some mood lighting, and set aside some time to simply absorb this piece.

Across The Sea describe this album as an "epic journey through the remains of a broken world in search of hope, purpose, and a forgotten truth…", and this masterpiece of storytelling through the medium of music will truly take you on that journey. To be honest, I don't know why you're still reading go find it... now!

From the 1st of October, The Wayfarer Triptych will be available from Across The Sea’s online store on CD and a variety of digital formats and can be pre-ordered through their Bandcamp page as well, we are sure you will not regret it.

Across the Sea will be celebrating this release with an album launch party at Bar42 in Worthing on October 2nd. This will be the only time the album is played live in full, so be sure to put this in your diary now! Details can be found through the links below.


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