Our Partners

To help us in our quest to promote and support live original music we have teamed up with Metal Meyhem Radio and Crimson Craft Audio. Both companies bring their own skills and specialities to help us bring you the best sounding events we can. Find out more about our partners below.

Metal Meyhem Radio

Metal Meyhem Radio, a division of Meyhem Media Ltd., are a radio station committed to bringing you the best of Hard Rock and Metal bands from around the world. They play the biggest and the best bands from around the globe as well as some of the amazing up-and-coming talent too. JayRock, Meyhem Media founder and director, told us in an interview:

“Metal Meyhem Radio is an Active Rock Format Internet radio station. It focuses on two cross genres, Rock and Metal, and looks to promote up and coming bands, either signed to independent labels or unsigned, by helping to give them a platform to be heard amongst some of the more established bands that we all know and love.”

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It is this passion for the music that made Metal Meyhem Radio the perfect media partner for us here at LARS Promotions as they were just as passionate as ourselves about the up and coming music scene. The radio station was first launched in 2016 as a local internet radio based in Littlehampton. Almost overnight it became a hit with listeners tuning in from around the world, the biggest concentration of listeners being in the U.S. and the station is still growing.


Metal Meyhem Radio were there with us from the beginning of our live events. Throughout the nights the were not only playing the music between songs and continuing after the bands have finished, but also broadcasting our performances live on air. How many events do you know that give everyone the chance, no matter where they are in the world, to listen to the acts play?


Since then Metal Meyhem Radio have expanded to other platforms. They still broadcast on metalmeyhemradio.com, but also have dedicated apps for their listeners too, available for both Android and iPhone users. In early 2018 Metal Meyhem radio made another big leap. As part of the localised D.A.B. Radio trials, Metal Meyhem Media applied for a licence to broadcast on this new service. They were fully successful and can now be found on DAB+ Radio in the Portsmouth and south coast area.


With this new venture and the regulations that came with it, it was mutually decided that we could no longer broadcast our events live. This wasn't going to stop us featuring the acts however, as we are determined to give them the exposure they deserve. The events are still recorded live, the sound cleaned up, and are now broadcast on a dedicated LARS Promotions Live show every month on Metal Meyhem Radio. For more information on this show, click here.

We look forward to working closely with Metal Meyhem Radio and Meyhem Media over the coming years and allowing all involved to grow and get the adoration they deserve.

For the full Interview with JayRock, check out the news post here.

Crimson Craft Audio

Crimson Craft are audio specialists based in Ford, West Sussex. They pride themselves in providing high quality audio and performance equipment and expert engineers to accompany them. We have partnered with Crimson Craft to bring their high quality equipment to our stages, giving you the best sound possible at our events.


Crimson Craft do not just offer audio equipment either. They can provide everything for a full stage set up including all audio equipment, lights, and the stage itself. If you would like us to put on an event for you, we will ensure Crimson Craft's amazing sound is brought along with us too.

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