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Artist Showcase
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Artist Showcase

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Check out the Punk bands that have performed on our stages. These acts cover the wide spectrum of punk, and each band brings something different to the genre.

Click on each act to find out more information on them and where you can find out even more.

Five Get into Trouble, Five Go to Demons Rocks, and Five Go Mad. Fits quite well don't you think? No the last one isn't one of Enid Blyton's newest works, it the name of the Portsmouth based Punks anti-fascist band. With songs like 'Drinking and Wanking', 'Andy's Bladder', and 'Shit Town Rat' you could be forgiven you'd walked into a room of teenagers talking about their last house party. 5 Go Mad are by no means a backyard band however. They are a bunch of born again punks, with a hatred for the system and more than just simply un-P.C. Their songs show us the old-school style of punk, and seem to fit in well with the ranks of Peter and the Test Tube Babies, The Anti-Nowhere League, and maybe even The Adicts.
Well versed in the ways of punk, Atombuzz have been on the live music scene for many years. They perfectly fit into the punk genre with their loud vocals and rebellious lyrics. Their performances are filled with iterations with the crowd and aim to simply have a good time. They don't see themselves as a big band, just a bunch of punks enjoying what they do, and that shines through in their performances as they always leave the crowd smiling. From 'Lancing Chicks' to 'Cheese', 'Chav Scum' to 'Maniac Cop', their shows bring a comic edge to the world we live in.
The band formed in Nov 2018 and started gigging in Feb 2019. In five months they have played nearly 20 gigs; mainly in the Brighton/Worthing/West Sussex area, although they have been as far afield as Basingstoke and Swansea. They released their first single Mary Jane, 1st Apr, from the EP PhD, which was released 1st May. Not happy with the production of the EP the band now rehearse at Stanbridge Farm Studios ( where they recorded their debut album, Renegade Grenade, late July/early Aug; following in the footsteps of bands such as The Sex Pistols and The Cure; it’s also where their second single Ed Sheeran, released 1st Jul, was recorded. “Doctor Gonzo are different because we’re older, wiser, (sort of,) louder, faster and funnier than most bands out there. We love our songs, our fans and we love playing punk rock. It’s exciting to be playing the music we love for a growing audience, being able to share what we love with fans and travel, meeting awesome new bands and people is one of the best things about being in a band with your best mates. We all love our craft, and we strive to be better as musicians and a band every day. As long as there’s a gig, a rehearsal to go to or some songs to record, we’re happy boys.”
We're all failed psychics. These particular ones are Alex, Sam and James in Brighton who play whatever they can with semi-acoustic, bass, voice and drums.
Punk Riot Grrl
This band is an all female 'LGBT+ Punk Band' from Brighton. Featured on 'Out In Brighton with Kathy Caton' Podcast and Radio show, this band bring something different to any mix. Although they can be likened to many of the up-and-coming punk bands out there, Floating Palace of Sin offer something different to the usual punk themes. Yes there is the anti-establishment themes that brought about the creation of punk floating round in the mix shown in their song 'Pig Fucker', but the LGBT+ themes shine bright in their music as well as their performance. Their songs 'Xena Made Me Gay' and 'Drag King' mix well with the punk genre completely but still highlight the themes they are so passionate about. Firmly putting their middle fingers up to some of main stream societies views; Floating Palace of Sin prove that no matter your orientation, you can still have a laugh, have fun, and produce great punk.
Geezapunx are a Basingstoke punk band playing a 'Cheeky, retro blend of authentic rebellious 70's old school punk.' Although influenced heavily by this era these guys write their songs about what gets them fired up today. From songs like 'Go Jezza Go' relating to the recent election and 'How'd (You solve a problem like Maria)' recalling the scandal of their MP to their self titled song 'Geezapunx' telling the tale of ageing punks born after their time. Although these guys may look like they come right out of the Punk era, they will still get you fired up and joining in the rebellion against the hate.
Punk Rock
Gloo are a three piece band based right here in Littlehampton. The guys are always enthusiastic about performing. Their sound is definitely rock but with punk twists to it, so a lot of their tracks are lively and upbeat but with a gritty, raw edge to them. They draw inspiration from life in general, but not in too deep a way as they want to keep it light. On stage their energy and enthusiasm is endless, playing to the crowd but having fun at the same time. You can absolutely see the passion these guys have for their music in their confidence on stage, and we hope to see you at one of their gigs.
Grunge Punk
"GLOVE have been described as a new style of punk grunge. They have a heavy fast approach to their sound with energy and passion live creating a big sound for just three people. Front man Ricky Ashcroft's lyrics tap into the reality of life, love, self doubt, depression and drug addiction, using his words as a weapon to protect himself against the world. Backed by brother Tommy Ashcroft on bass and hard hitting drummer Troy Roland Pitt they are an onslaught on all scenes. With their music they convey their message with brutal honesty that is sometimes lost in music today"
Alternative Punk Rock
A Worthing quartet citing influences from God to the Pixies via their local boozer. Whilst twisting pop music into a visceral frenzy, they pummel the audience with a combination of hooks and raw intensity, draped around themes of equality, submission, domination, sex, death, religion and self loathing. After finishing a degree in 2013 at the University of Winchester, lead singer Django Black found himself destitute and unemployed, struggling to find himself a job. Despite living in poverty, being treated like scum, and facing knock back after knock back, he channelled all the frustration and anger into a set of demos...The Dole Scum Demos. Although these early recordings were done with nothing more than a mic in a room, it was enough to convince the mighty Tim Denyer (axe wielder of the Comanche Sigh) and the enigmatic Joel Penny (creator of The Argument and How it Started) to join forces and develop a sonic warhead capable of taking on an establishment hell-bent on spawning a world twisted to their own image. After learning of their quest and believing it righteous, Steve Pottinger (former member of Hold Fire/The Daunts and the greatest drummer in the land) pledged his sticks to the cause completing the quartet known as Grenades.
Street Punk
“A love for punk and a love for performing” is what brought this Brighton based punk trio together. Formed in 2016 their love for punk certainly shows through in not only their music but stage presence as well. The band that is full of banta comprises of Kate Gillard on Lead Vocals and Guitar, Weeze Cooper on Bass and Backing Vocals and Steve Todd on Drums. Their street-punk sound makes Harsh Times one to watch as their songs evoke the political passion of the punk scene.
Alternative Dark Horror Punk
"Dark, dancey punk and twisted story-telling rock - we bring the the horror... Join us at the crime scene"Idle Bones formed in early 2017 in Brighton, East Sussex. Since then the band have fine-tuned their sound to the rockabilly punk that is missing in today's modern music marketplace teeming with prog-rock and indie acts. Inspired by the likes of AFI, The Creepshow, The Cure and Suede Idle Bones bring a playful darkness to their writing which combined with fast chuggy riffs and catchy modern hooks truly sets them apart in the UK music scene.
Southampton based Punk band with their own unique style. These guys have a mixture of their own tracks, whilst also covering tracks form other local artists including tracks from the members other bands.
Hardcore Punk
Negative Measures are a four piece punk/hardcore band, who normally perform around the Brighton area. Their sound is described as punk/hardcore but they are definitely on the heavier side of it which is nice to see in the punk genre as mostly when you think punk, you think of the classic old school sound. Drawing their inspiration from topics such as the E.U., anti-UKIP and being sick of it all , they all contribute to the music that they make. Various punk/metal tones can be heard in their tracks but they also tell me they try to draw some inspiration from the L.A/ New York scene in the late 70's early 80's so involving a little hip hop to their tunes as well.
Skate Punk
Second In Line are a Skate Punk band from the Thames Valley way. Often hard to compare to other bands but they would love to sound like a cross between Bad Religion and Snuff. The current line up is one of the best received and since 2014 they have been working tirelessly to get back to the hectic touring schedules they had around 2008/9. They had a break and are now ready to conquer the world. Some songs are about movies, some are about having fun, some are more serious and some are just silly. 3/4's of the band are also fully house trained, we just can't tell you which one isn't!
Pop Emo Punk
Slackrr are easily one the most talked about bands in the UK underground circuit right now. Hailing from Southampton, The band have only been active for just over 18 months and in that time they have taken some giant leaps forward into becoming a well-known and widely loved name across the UK underground punk and rock scene. In this short space of time, Slackrr have been touring and played countless shows across the UK with positive feedback coming out of their ears. This has led to them being asked to play the legendary Isle of Wight festival 2019 as headliners on Platform One stage on the Friday night. The band are also gearing up to self-release their official studio debut album ‘Time, It Wait For No One’ on the 14th June 2019. They have supported the likes of SonicBoom Six, PressTo Meco, PKEW!PKEW!PKEW!, Homebound, ThePenskeFile, Mest, Light Years, Spunge, Abandoned By Bears, And Ducking Punches, As well as Having performed and toured across the UK in some of its most prestigious venues Including The Joiners Southampton, The Waterfront Norwich, Portsmouth Wedgewood rooms and The Fleece in Bristol to name but a few. Managing to secure their feel-good brand of Melodic Punk/Pop Punk in exclusive features by Clunk Magazine,Punktastic, Down The Front Media, Discovered Magazine, BlankTV, RAMzine, Shout It Loud and many more. Appearances on BBC Introducing and BBC live sessions with an array of positive reviews from a multitude of BBC Radio Shows across the country, the band have received incredible praise and continued support from Voice FM, The Mike James Rock Show, Glastonbury FM, The Rock Goddess Radio Show, Rock Rage Radio, Sine FM, The Premium Blend Radio Show & Hard Rock Hell Radio. By anyone’s standards, what Slackrr are achieving through a completely DIY ethic is phenomenal in such a short amount of time. Now with the support of their friends at On The House Music Management and their all-important, ever-growing, dedicated fan base – they are ready to take the next step in showing the world what they are made of. Check out their most recent single ‘Lights On’, premiered exclusively on BlankTV!
Garage Punk
These guys were 'Formed through a general distaste and disillusionment with the current music scene'. Sweet Jonny hail from a do-nothing town in the middle of nowhere. A gutter garage rock band – fervent, desperate and violently energetic; a torrent of noise, sweat and more often than not, [their] own blood. Think the Pixies on speed or the Cramps if they were denied it.' They have a true passion for their craft and this dedication and enthusiasm really comes through in their high powered, energetic performance.
With songs catchier than the plague, The Lucky Scars have their sights set on conquering the punk rock world with the planned release of their debut album in early 2019. Since forming in Southampton in 2017, The Lucky Scars have been sharing their unique blend of contagious punk rock riffs, hard hitting drums and heartfelt lyrics that has had them compared to US bands like The Offspring and Alkaline Trio while still retaining their British roots and accents. The Lucky Scars write anthems for all occasions, from drunken one-night stands (Malibu And Sex) and the importance of friendship (Those Were The Days) to nightmare inducing sleep paralysis (Shark Pork), the angst of escaping your past (Nothing Changes) and the occasional Dissociative Identity Disorder love song (Player 2 Has Entered The Game).
Hardcore Punk
3 dudes who like playing fast songs about zombies, zombie sharks, TMNT, and such like. They formed years ago when we could only play bad pixies cover songs, now we play hard and fast punk music; hardcore without the bravado and breakdowns, just fast, fast, fast. Basically if you like having fun, crappy horror movies, and fast punk; talk to us, make friends, we are your guys!
Post Punk
Watch You Drown are a 3 piece Portsmouth punk band comprising of Russ Bestley on guitar and vocal duty, Kev Luce on bass, and Paul Lee on drums. Formed in the mid '80's this band mix punk rock with the darker eerier vocals more notably heard in the music of the post-punk goth rock era bands. The bands singer has been likened to Jaz Coleman of Killing Joke fame and their drummer is said to be able to give Dale Crover a run for his money.
High Energy Punk
Who Killed Nancy Johnson? formed in 2015 from the embers of a punk/pop band, and since 2016 have played all across the south of England, including Reading, Basingstoke, Oxford, Guildford, High Wycombe, Kingston, London, Brighton, Worthing, Chatham, Southampton, St Albans and Cirencester. In 2017 they released their first EP, Cops and Robbers, made their first visit outside the UK with a couple of dates in Milan, and played a set for BBC Introducing LIVE. Their new EP 'Flat Earth Theory', was released in the middle of 2018.
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