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Artist Showcase
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Artist Showcase

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Check out the Metal bands that have performed on our stages. These acts cover the wide spectrum of metal, and each band brings something different to the genre.

Click on each act to find out more information on them and where you can find out even more.

Progressive acoustic
Alex English is a Prog / Metal singer and song writer from Littlehampton.
Alternative Prog Metal
Ariandelle are new to the music scene, forming in February 2017. Based in Worthing, they have played alongside a number of our other acts in the past and are already beginning to make a name for themselves. Influenced by Disperse, Good Tiger, Black Peaks, and Deftones, they classify their style as 'Low Level Prog Metal'.
Blackfeather are a Brighton based punk/metal band. Known for their distinctive take on the styles they play, they manage to play fast and very loud. Formed in 2017, the band are still new to the scene but their talent stands out. Their stage presence is also that of longer standing bands and really does not show their newness to the performance scent, one to defiantly keep an eye on for the future!
Bleed Again hail from the South coast of England. Spending the last few years meticulously honing their craft they have earned their reputation for tight, well produced Metal and blistering live shows. Having recently completed a successful UK tour the band have returned to the studio to work on their debut album - whilst still taking every opportunity to perform! This new album will showcase some of the finest new metal in the UK scene, however just like legends Hatebreed and Trivium the best way to witness Bleed Again is Live!
Heavy Metal
The band's thesis is to create something dark and have fun with evil things, and that's exactly what they do. Derelict Dream aim to bring 'music to it's audience covering subjects such as psychological malaise, a self inflicted perdition and the primal instinct to survive.' Based in Worthing their members hail from Worthing, Littlehampton and Washington, this local band really do bring a sense of the darkness to all of their shows. With songs like 'Fires of The Underworld', 'The Human Buzzsaw', and 'Waltz of the Damned' their thesis shines through.
Dark Alternative Metal
Doctrine of Complicity, or as they are known to their followers 'D.O.C.', are Littlehampton's 3 Piece Dark Alternative Metal band. They have played up and down the country Freak[ing] Out the Valium Angel as they went. Their years touring have spawned a unique following and their fans have become known as 'The Extreme' well known for their passion to the pit during the song 'Freak Out'. Initially a 6 piece but condensing to the 3 piece, with occasionally a little additional help, the band really do put on a show. Their dark twisted lyrics will surely have you moshing out to their tales of corruption.
Hawka are a Brighton based four piece metal band who take influence from a variety of bands, such as Hatebreed, Machine Head, Parkway Drive, System Of A Down, Korn, Anthrax, Lamb Of God and many more. They released their latest E.P. Darkest Hours in February 2017. They've played many venues during their time, including a church which they say was 'a bit surreal'.
Three piece Metal/Rock/Noise machine Hummune (Immune to humans), began in November 2009, after three friends decided to leave their previous bands and start something new. Hummune are influenced and inspired by by the artists, people and situations surrounding them.
Imminent Annihilation formed in late 2011 and have been constantly evolving since day one. In 2014 they entered the studio to record their debut EP; 'The Annex Between Creation and Annihilation'. Since then they have been working on different styles of metal, taking influence from wherever they found it and are now currently working on a follow up to 'Annex'. Through taking part and winning Bloodstock’s Metal 2 The Masses competition (Oxford region), we secured ourselves a spot on the New Blood Stage at Bloodstock Festival 2018.
Blackened Thrash Metal
Brighton Based King Leviathan are 'Devout worshippers of Speed, Violence and The Occult'. This 4 piece are a blackened thrash band and are redefining the Brighton metal scene. Their 'cult following' of fans has grown rapidly since their formation in 2014. Their time 'Worshipping the Old Gods' has already seen them playing multiple Mammothfest Events, Bloodstock New Blood stage as well as supporting tours across the UK. The bands sets, known to them and their fans as 'The Black Masses', impresses as much as their image. The band arrives in true metal style with face paint showing their allegiance to the Gods of Old and throw down riffs to wake and praise them. Their music showcases not only the skill of the musicians involved but also their stage presence and showmanship.
Mirrors Of Madness are rock alchemists, a band you can’t really pigeon hole into one genre and not known for any particular style – instead they craft songs that contain aspects of multiple rock genres with a mix of influences – each song has a very unique sound – from pop punk all the way to metal, the band love to mix it up so that every song is interesting and different from the last. The band formed in early 2018 as ‘Two-Tonne Vice’ from the ashes of some popular Southern UK bands – Atombuzz, Vertigate and Soulscream, and became Mirrors of Madness in 2020..
Death Metal
Nausicaa is a no nonsense death metal party hailing from Portsmouth and the surrounding area, bringing and hail of distortion, cymbals and craniums for all the family.
Doom Sludge Metal
Pensevor are a four piece band (vocals, guitar, bass and drums) from Farnborough. They formed in 2011 to play 'hypnotic, primitive, regressive drop-C Neanderthal sludge-doom' as they describe it. They have established a unique sound whilst still embracing the brooding despair of doom, with the creeping tendrils of sludge. Pensevor do not skimp on the heavy swathes of drone. 'You shall be cleansed'. Their music combines the booming vocals with a dark and twisted departing guitar and base creating an atmosphere like no other.
Grunge Metal
Formed in the sunny summer of 2014, Raze has evolved through a number of lineup changes throughout its existence before finally settling upon its current iteration in early 2017. ​Featuring the pounding yet technical drumming of Ethan Morter, innovative bass-playing of Ashley Rollings-Huffer, razor-sharp riffing and guitar leads of axemen Daniel Eveleigh and James O'Connor, and the equal parts soaring and brutal vocals of lead vocalist and founding member Louis Dunham, Raze are exhilarating, addictive and simultaneously as tight as a drum. Playing an exciting and innovative combination of Grunge and Metal, Raze take the sound of bands such as Nirvana and Alice In Chains and meld it with heavier influences
Blues Grunge Alternative Rock
Formed in 2011, Small Town Silence are a Garage/Grunge Rock Band from Littlehampton. The Band Consists of Andrew Moore on Lead Vocals and Rhythm, Scott 'Tim' Burchfield on Lead Guitar, Antonia Toomey on Bass Guitar and Ant Mascia on Drums. To date the band have released 9 Singles and and EP with their second EP 'Mr White' released in January 2017. In an interview for our media partner Metal Meyhem Radio the band were quoted in saying "We are a ragtag bunch who love to play music, love to drink and love to have fun". That about sums them up.
Hard Rock
Tales Of Autumn are a new originals band from Brighton excited to release new music and play live. Every member of the 4 piece band 'contributes to the writing process and bring their own experiences into their songs and lyrics. This makes writing songs fast and brings a powerful and full sound to their music.' The band feature power vocals and a great feel to their performance, they leave their crows in awe. A relativity new band, Tales Of Autumn are going to go far.
Progressive Psycho Metal
Tellurium are a progressive psycho metal band hailing from our very own Littlehampton. The 6-Piece band was formed by vocal duo Mike and Catherine Finch with the other members joining closely behind. With a wealth of knowledge on not only music but also on production, recording and performance, Tellurium are not a band to be overlooked. Of all the local bands they are the hardest to categorise, and if you have a listen to their music below you will see why. We were very lucky to have Tellurium join us on the launch of L.A.R.S. on the 16th of September 2016 and even luckier in that they allowed that evening to be the event that launched their new album 'Conform and Consume.'. If you like the video below, and think they rock as much as we do, please head over and buy their album. You will not be disappointed.
"In a parallel dimension, a nuclear holocaust caused by corrupt world leaders, seeking to rid the planet of the mutated beings they inadvertently created, has forced the human race to retreat underground... The effects of a biological weapon has caused some people to mutate, violent and blood thirsty, The Fallen; now ravage the land. Five once normal men, now reborn from the earth as disfigured but powerful warriors, have risen against The Fallen. They vow to take back the world of TERRA and destroy the mutant masses. They are Terraborn."
Heavy Metal
Bognor based Them Broads are a 5 piece Metal band. They formed in 2013 with the intention of being 'something you could bang [your] heads too' and Them Broads are certainly that. Their screaming lyrics melt with their riffs and drums perfectly bringing you a truly head-banging experience. Billing Them Broads as simply a metal band does not do the band justice. Their sets feature a punk-esque sound making them more than the simple metal band many are used to hearing.
Post Metal
A collection of noise loving individuals, creating music formed out of a passion for soundscapes, big riffs, feedback, film quotes, loud screaming and far too much reverb and delay over everything. Combining elements of The Ocean, Amenra, Cult Of Luna, Battle Of Mice and Fall Of Efrafa, Tribe Of Ghosts use visual elements and atmospheric soundscapes coupled with colossal riffs and hammering drums to create an intense experience.
Trollcore Sludge Metal
Two-piece south coast stoner 'tards 'Troll Mother' have mixed their love for various tastes across ethos of metal sub genres. All tied together with story telling through narration and sound effects. “We begin our adventure at a time before time. Where trolls took earth as its eden. When the human scourge appeared and multiplied faster than any parasite ever seen. Inevitably killing, destroying and annihilating the trolls homes in the process. Forcing them to the furthest reaches of their sacred land, settling beside the foot of "Troll Mountain". The great war between these two species had pushed them to far. The trolls had to put up a good fight and they wouldn't have to do so alone! With aid from Tittus Galaticus combined with the dictatorship of Admiral-Micro-Dickus, it was still not enough to push the bastards back. However the humans could not totally eradicate the troll species, for they had a saving grace. Forest Child. The last of the pure and noble breed that walked the earth. Unfortunately he would be witnessed to the carnage of his kin. He must escape his burnt and pillaged land in order to reset, re populate and save his kind... until...”
Heavy Metal
A unique blend of Doom, Southern Blues and a dash of something darker. Hailing from the south of England, Victus are making waves in the scene with their idiosyncratic sound. After completing their line-up in January 2017 Victus entered the Bournemouth heat of Bloodstocks Metal to the Masses making it through to the grand final. In the short time Victus have been playing they have shared the stage with bands such as Monolord, Desert Storm, Dendera, Gargangua, Mage, Conjurer, Thuum, Seething Akira & many more. Towards the end of 2017 the band entered the studio to start work on their debut EP ‘Sacrifice’ releasing their first single and music video for ‘Trity’ in January 2018. he Singula
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