Troll Mother
Troll Mother

02/11/18 - The Rock Riot!

Events Played:

Troll Mother


Trollcore Sludge Metal



Two-piece south coast stoner 'tards 'Troll Mother' have mixed their love for various tastes across ethos of metal sub genres. All tied together with story telling through narration and sound effects. “We begin our adventure at a time before time. Where trolls took earth as its eden. When the human scourge appeared and multiplied faster than any parasite ever seen. Inevitably killing, destroying and annihilating the trolls homes in the process. Forcing them to the furthest reaches of their sacred land, settling beside the foot of "Troll Mountain". The great war between these two species had pushed them to far. The trolls had to put up a good fight and they wouldn't have to do so alone! With aid from Tittus Galaticus combined with the dictatorship of Admiral-Micro-Dickus, it was still not enough to push the bastards back. However the humans could not totally eradicate the troll species, for they had a saving grace. Forest Child. The last of the pure and noble breed that walked the earth. Unfortunately he would be witnessed to the carnage of his kin. He must escape his burnt and pillaged land in order to reset, re populate and save his kind... until...”


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