07/09/2018 - The Punk Rock Rave.

2019-09-06 - LARS Promotions Showcase.

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Rock, Punk, Alternative



A Worthing quartet citing influences from God to the Pixies via their local boozer. Whilst twisting pop music into a visceral frenzy, they pummel the audience with a combination of hooks and raw intensity, draped around themes of equality, submission, domination, sex, death, religion and self loathing. After finishing a degree in 2013 at the University of Winchester, lead singer Django Black found himself destitute and unemployed, struggling to find himself a job. Despite living in poverty, being treated like scum, and facing knock back after knock back, he channelled all the frustration and anger into a set of demos...The Dole Scum Demos. Although these early recordings were done with nothing more than a mic in a room, it was enough to convince the mighty Tim Denyer (axe wielder of the Comanche Sigh) and the enigmatic Joel Penny (creator of The Argument and How it Started) to join forces and develop a sonic warhead capable of taking on an establishment hell-bent on spawning a world twisted to their own image. After learning of their quest and believing it righteous, Steve Pottinger (former member of Hold Fire/The Daunts and the greatest drummer in the land) pledged his sticks to the cause completing the quartet known as Grenades.


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